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Reset connection

If the browser stops or a page does not open, press X, Y, A, B and Start at the same time to reset the connection and start again. Note: This will not delete or reset any saved internal memory settings.

Dream Passport browser - Sega Swirl PC game

Note: This requires a v2.0 web browser disc. Insert the disc into PC CD-ROM drive. Open Windows Explorer and click on the SW_large file on the disc to unzip and install the PC version of "Sega Swirl".

Planetweb browser - bonus material

Insert the v2.0 browser disc into a PC CD-ROM drive. You can find two folders. One contains Sonic wallpaper, and the other contains the PC version of "Sega Swirl" as well as wallpaper.

Insert the v2.62 browser disc into a PC CD-ROM. You will find a more complete version of "Sega Swirl", a PC version of the SegaNet Dialer, the screensaver, and wallpaper from the splash screen. Note: The screensaver requires Shockwave 7.0.3 for Netscape browsers. If do not have it, the screensaver will give you a link to a download page. Additionally, the PC version of "Sega Swirl" is not compatible with Windows 9x.

Hidden music

Turn on the systemwithout a disc inserted, select "Music" then insert the Browser 2.0 disc. Track two is a warning (which is on almost every Dreamcast disc) and track four is a two minute marachi song.

POP3 email

Note: This trick requires the v2.0 or v2.6 browser. Some online games require you to have a e-mail service set up to use them. To set this up, use a search engine, such as Google, and look for "free e-mail for outlook express". The Dreamcast web browser requires a POP3 e-mail server to access e-mail (the same servers that Outlook Express uses). If you already have an MSN internet account and are already using Outlook Express, the only information you need to know are your username, password, and your outgoing and incoming e-mail server addresses. You can then run your e-mail on any Dreamcast. If you do not have MSN, you can use the free providers found in your search. The games that require this includes "Chu Chu Rocket", and "Phantasy Star Online 1" and "Phantasy Star Online 2".

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