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Vanishing Point

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CodeBreaker codes (Japanese version)

This cheat requires the CodeBreaker cheat device.

Have All Player Vehicles011B0DEC 0000FFFF
Have All Secret Vehicles011B0DEE 0000FFFF
Have All Forward Tracks011B0DF4 0000FFFF
Have All Reverse Tracks011B0DF6 0000FFFF
Have All Movies and Slideshows011B0DFA 0000FFFF
Have All Secrets011B0DFE 0000FFFF
Have All Heats Finished041B0E08 00040001 FFFFFFFF
All Challenges041B4DAC 000F0005 00000064
Stunt Driver Mode Maximum Points Codes
The Long Jump011B4DAC 00000064
Twists and Turns 1011B4DC0 00000064
Single Criss Cross011B4DD4 00000064
Hump Back Relay011B4DE8 00000064
Twists & Turns 2011B4DFC 00000064
Table Top Balloons011B4E10 00000064
The Barrel Roll011B4E24 00000064
Twists and Turns 3011B4E38 00000064
Balloon Slalom011B4E4C 00000064
Double Criss Cross011B4E60 00000064
Bumps 'n' Balloons011B4E74 00000064
Twists and Turns 4011B4E88 00000064
Barrel Roll Relay011B4E9C 00000064
The Balloon Bowl011B4EB0 00000064
Triple Criss Cross011B4EC4 00000064
All Challenges041B4DAC 000F0005 00000064
Start on Lap 2 with time at 0:00:0002142840 00000000

Race against same car

To race two of the same cars against each other, highlight the single race option then press L and A together.

Race against same car colour

To race two cars with the same colour against each other, highlight the single race option then press R and A together.

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