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CodeBreaker codes

This cheat requires the CodeBreaker cheat device.

All Levels - Unlimited Oxygen01B8C176 00000708
All Levels - Unlimited Small Medipaks01B8C2A2 0000FFFF
All Levels - Unlimited Large Medipaks01B8C2A4 0000FFFF
All Levels - Unlimited Flares01B8C2A6 0000FFFF
All Levels - Unlimited Uzi Ammo01B8C2AA 0000FFFF
All Levels - Unlimited Revolver Ammo01B8C2AC 0000FFFF
All Levels - Unlimited Shotgun Ammo01B8C2AE 0000FFFF
All Levels - Unlimited Wide Shot Shotgun Ammo01B8C2B0 0000FFFF
All Levels - Unlimited HK Ammo01B8C2B2 0000FFFF
All Levels - Unlimited Grappling Gun Ammo01B8C2B4 0000FFFF
All Levels - Have Uzi00B8C27E 00000009
All Levels - Have Shotgun00B8C27F 00000009
All Levels - Have Grappling Gun00B8C280 00000009
All Levels - Have Revolver00B8C282 00000009
All Levels - Have Laser Sight00B8C283 00000009
All Levels - Have Silencer00B8C284 00000009
All Levels - Have Crowbar00B8C286 00000009
All Levels - Have Unlimited Chlorophyl00B8C28B 00000009
Streets Of Rome - Unlimited Health015D8602 000003E8
Streets Of Rome - Moon Jump015D8600 0000FFC0
Streets Of Rome - Jumps Go Further015D85FE 00000040
Streets Of Rome - Jumps Go Much Further015D85FE 00000080
Streets Of Rome - Jumps Go Helluva Lot Further015D85FE 000000C0
Trajans Markets - Unlimited Health01616626 000003E8
Trajans Markets - Moon Jump01616624 0000FFC0
Trajans Markets - Jumps Go Further01616622 00000040
Trajans Markets - Jumps Go Much Further01616622 00000080
Trajans Markets - Jumps Go Helluva Lot Further01616622 000000C0
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