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This title is also known as:

Play as Lady

To play as Lady, successfully complete the Downtown dungeon.

Play as Lady's Cook

To play as Lady's cook, successfully complete the game.

Play as Marion

To play as Marion, get the Marion Doll when it appears in the Doll's House dungeon, then go to Noiman's house. Noiman will take the doll. After leaving the next dungeon, return to Noiman's house. After an intermission sequence, Marion will be unlocked.

Play as Nigel

To play as Nigel, successfully complete the Phantom Zone dungeon.

Play as Pyra

To play as Pyra, successfully complete the Shrine dungeon.

Play as Rao

To play as Rao, successfully complete the King's Tomb dungeon.

Hidden artwork

To view hidden .BMP images, place the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive and look in the "BMP" directory.

Float in air

To float in the air, press A, B, X and Y together.

Unlimited tokens

For unlimited tokens, download the mini-game "Stuff" to your VMU, then save your game. Sell everything you have and go to the Monster House, then buy as many tokens as you can. Put the tokens in your VMU. Reset the game and load your game file. You will have the money, items, and tokens. Next, sell the tokens and save. Go back to the Monster House and buy even more tokens. Repeat this trick as needed.


To get Cooks, successfully complete all of the dungeons and save the game. After completing the last dungeon, get Lady, then save the game and close the book. Wait for the credits to complete and an FMV sequence will begin. Save the game when prompted after the sequence, then exit and load that game. Enter your monster house, go to encapsulate monster, and "Cooks" will appear. Take him out, and he will be one of your monsters.

Hint: Duplicate monsters

Go to the town area with the "Moon Lighter" or "Moon Lighter S" item. Save the game at Sword's House and go to the VMU machine in the Monster House. Download the "Moon Lighter" or "Moon Lighter S" mini-game to the VMU. Download the monster to be duplicated to the VMU. After downloading, exit the Monster House, then turn off the system without saving again. Start the game again and select the destination save file. Go to the Monster House and load the monster from the VMU into the game. If done correctly, both save files will now have a copy of the same monster.

Use mini-games more than once

To use mini-games more than once, download the game to the VMU, then turn off the system without saving the game. If done correctly, the mini-game will be on the VMU and still will be in the game without having to re-purchase it. To save money, do note save the game after buying the mini-game item.

Escalator stairs

Go up a stair case, like the one in Sword's house, and stop halfway. You will slide down it like it is an escalator.

Hint: Unlock items in the Exchange

To unlock items in the Exchange, go into the Monster House, then go to the VMU machine. You must already have enough money to purchase tokens (or use the "Unlimited tokens" trick). Purchase many tokens until you get to 2000, then go to the Exchange. There will be a number of items unlocked since you purchased all of the tokens. If you see "??????", then you must get more coins to unlock that particular item. Keep buying as many coins as possible. Your tokens will be used when you buy in the Exchange. Items that you may buy in the Exchange include the Truth Ring, Heal Ring, Rune Ring, Rune Boots, Mastery Ring, and Escape Fruit. There will be some items that you may get in Dungeons but may not be in the Exchange, such as the Demon Ring.

Heal monster free

To Heal monsters for free, you will need the Moonlighter VMU game, which can be obtained at the supermarket in Fujima town. First, go to Sword's house and save the game. Then, take the monster you want to heal to the church. Heal the monster by spending some money or taking out a loan. Next, go to the Monster house and put the monster into your VMU. Reset the game and everything will be the same as it was before; you will have the same amount of money. Go back to the Monster house and take the monster out of the VMU. This can be done as many times as needed.

Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX codes

This cheat requires the Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX cheat device.

Unlimited Money10AC1D7E 00000010

CodeBreaker codes

This cheat requires the CodeBreaker cheat device.

Unlimited Money01378108 0000FFFF
Unlimited Hunger Meter012E5A9A 00000009
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