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Test Drive 6

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Start with $6 000 000

To start with $6 000 000, enter AKJGQ as your name.

Unlock all cars

To unlock all cars, enter DFGY as your name.

Unlock all tracks

To unlock all tracks, enter ERERTH as your name.

Unlock all quick race tracks

To unlock all quick race tracks, enter CVCVBM as your name.

No quick race tracks

For no quick race tracks, enter OCVCVBM as your name.

Shorter tracks

For shorter tracks, enter QTFHYF as your name.

All challenges

To unlock all challenges, enter OPIOP or POIOP as your name.

No challenges

For no challenges, enter OPOIOP as your name.

Disable checkpoint times

To disable checkpoint times, enter FFOEMIT as a name.

Enable checkpoint times again

To enable checkpoint times again, enter NOEMIT as your name.

Stop The Bomber mode

For Stop The Bomber mode, enter RFGTR as your name. Alternatively, catch all of the speeders on the Paris, Rome, New York, Hong Kong and London tracks in cop chase mode.

Hint: Stay on track

When you are going around a sharp corner at high speeds, you will often go off of the track and lose speed, risking the loss of your place in the race. To prevent this, simply let off the gas completely at the middle of the corner until you start to skid. Do not panic. When you start to skid, accelerate again and you should regain control. Straighten yourself out and you can get to your top speed faster than if maintained the same speed throughout the entire turn.

Hint: Class 4 cars

In Class 4, the best car is the Nissan R390 Gt-1.

Hint: Upgrades

On every Class 4 car, you should add two steering upgrades. On every one below it, add at least one.

Hint: Faster cars

All white cars are faster.

CodeBreaker codes

This cheat requires the CodeBreaker cheat device.

Unlimited Money0111FBA0 0000FFFF
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