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CodeBreaker codes

This cheat requires the CodeBreaker cheat device.

Unlimited Health0D09856C 00000915 0109856C 00000009
Unlimited Webbing0D0960B8 0000131B 010960B8 00000009
Unlock Storyboards0D20F888 00008C1B 0120F8E0 00000102
All Levels Unlocked0D20F888 00008C1B 0120F8E2 00000101 0D20F888 00008C1B 0420F8E4 00080001 01010101
Unlock All Costumes0D20F888 00008C1B 0120F90C 00000FFF
Unlock All Character Viewer0D20F888 00008C1B 0220F910 FFFFFFFF
Unlock All Movie Viewer0D20F888 00008C1B 0220F914 FFFFFFFF
Unlock All Comic Collection0D20F888 00008C1B 0220F918 FFFFFFFF
Unlock All Game Covers0D20F888 00008C1B 0220F91C FFFFFFFF
Unlock Everything0E068C1B 0020F88A 0420F8E0 00090001 01010101 0420F90C 00050001 FFFFFFFF

Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX codes

This cheat requires the Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX cheat device.

InvincibilityDC8882FE 00000001
Unlimited WebbingC28BE6D9 00000001
StickmanDA388DBD 00000001
Pulsating Head Mode88F38C21 00000001
Toon Spidey120418F3 00000001
Unlock Storyboards8B708331 20703FC2 + 7805DD33 00000102
All Levels Unlocked8B708331 20703FC2 + A1DB5FA0 00000101 + C06AA9C9 E06F5041 + E0507061
Unlock All Costumes8B708331 20703FC2 + 487A11F8 00000FFF
Unlock All Character Viewer8B708331 20703FC2 + 8D134331 FFFFFFFF
Unlock All Movie Viewer8B708331 20703FC2 + D8184DEE FFFFFFFF
Unlock All Comic Collection8B708331 20703FC2 + 10E4D8A0 FFFFFFFF
Unlock All Game Covers8B708331 20703FC2 + 640BA570 FFFFFFFF
Infinite Health8CE0896E 60704F63 + 8CE3896E 00000009
Infinite WebbingB0253EDA 207052A2 + B0263EDA 00000009
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