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Sonic Adventure

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Play as Super Sonic

To unlock Super Sonic, complete the game using all six starting characters. Sonic will transform into Super Sonic after some time into the next game. Jump over the train in Station Square as Sonic or Tails and you will find him on the other side.

Bonus NiGHTS area

While playing the pinball section of the casino level, drop in the top hole to reach another pinball machine. Place the ball into the middle hole to fly through a warp and reach an area based on NiGHTS.

Play as Tails

Controller two may be used for Tails after he is obtained during game play in story mode. Note that Shields, invincibility and extra life boxes have no effect on Tails if collected. If Tails ventures too far away from Sonic, he will re-appear next to Sonic.

Play as E-102 Gamma

Although E-102 Gamma explodes at the end of his adventure, it is possible to get him back. Complete his adventure, then reset the game and go back to his adventure after it is saved. You can then play as E-102 as much as you like, however, it will alway be night time except on a few levels and on the Egg Carrier.

Hint: Defeating Chaos 0

To defeat Chaos 0 in one hit, get The Ancient Light, then perform the Light Speed Attack on Chaos 0.

Hint: Defeating Chaos 6

To defeat Chaos 6, wait until Eggman drops his freeze bombs, then use the homing signal to turn his bombs into eggs to throw into Chaos 6's mouth, causing him to freeze. When he does, attack him. Repeat this as many times as needed.

When playing as Knuckles, get the Fighting Gloves then go to the trial (if you have already completed the game). If you have not completed the game, you can find the Fighting Gloves behind Big's house (climb the wall, then go right until you find a ledge). When you fight Chaos 6, freeze him, power up, then get close to him and release the button. Repeat this two times. Knuckles can also use the Maximum Hear attack quite effectively on Chaos 6

When playing as Sonic, use the Light Speed attack on Chaos 6. His health gauge will go down until only half is remaining. Do the attack a second time to defeat him.

Hint: Defeating Perfect Chaos

When starting the level on which you must defeat Perfect Chaos, get as many rings as possible. Then, go over one of the speed tracks to gain speed. Once you are glowing blue, speed straight towards Perfect Chaos and you should hit him. Repeat this as many times as needed.

Hint: Hurt Perfect Chaos at less than maximum speed

Perfect Chaos can still be hurt without you having to get to top speed, but you still have to be fast. Go onto the road and speed up. Stop moving during that time until you are no longer in a Blue Shock ball, then quickly move into Chaos. If done correctly, you will hurt him without going at maximum speed.

Hint: Perfect Chaos face smash

When fighting Perfect Chaos as Super Sonic, instead of hitting Chaos head on, go to either side of him, aiming for his arm. If done correctly, Super Sonic will fly up and smash Chaos on his chin. Note: This does not do any more damage than the usual attacks.

More than one Gold, Metallic, or Black Chao with one memory card:

To get more than one Gold, Metallic or Black Chao with one memory card, start by getting a Chao that you want more than one of (e.g. gold or silver). Then, bring the Chao to a Chao Garden and put it into your memory card. After it has saved, turn off the system, then turn it back on. Go to the Chao Garden and take it out. Go back to the place where you got the Chao and repeat this until your Chao Garden is full or you do not want any more of them.

Hint: Super Sonic Chao

The following tips will help you raise a Super Sonic Chao:

Hint: Silver Chao egg

In the Mystic Ruins, go to the water fall located in the middle of the Adventure Field. Push the stone that is jutting out of the wall to the right of the water fall. A silver egg will fall from behind the waterfall and float to shore. When it hatches, a silver Chao will be born.

Hint: Golden Chao egg

When in Station Square, go to the area in which you fought Chaos for the first time. Look to the side of the City Hall entrance to find an egg-shaped rock. Take the rock to the building to the left from City Hall, then walk to the window to see a golden Chao egg. If you try to take this egg, the front door will lock. Replace the egg with the rock and the door will unlock, allowing you to leave with the egg. When the egg hatches you will have a golden Chao.

Hint: Black and blue Chao egg

When in the Egg Carrier, go the jail area where Amy was kept. In the cell next to where she was held is a black and blue egg. Step on the switch to open the door. Take the egg to the garden. When it hatches, it will be a dark grey and dark blue Chao.

Hint: Multiple Chao eggs

Go to the cell next to where Amy was kept, then pick up the Chao egg and take it to the next room. Drop it down the hole in the middle of the whack a mole game. Go back to the room with the egg. There should be two of them. Pick up the one in the original location, take it to the whack a mole game, and drop it down the same hole. Return to the egg and pick up the one in the original location and there will be one under it. Continue to drop this down the hole and you will get multiple eggs. You can also get multiple Chao eggs by obtaining a gold, black or silver egg and hatching it, then quitting the game and going back to where you found the egg. The egg will be back where you found it again. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Hint: Iron Chao

For an Iron Chao, your Chao must first be evolved. Mate a Gold and a Black Chao and hatch it. Only one out of three eggs will be iron.

Hint: Bronze Chao

For a bronze Chao, your Chao must first be evolved. Mate a silver and black Chao and hatch it. Only one ne out of three eggs will be bronze.

Hint: Ruby Chao

For a ruby Chao, mate a Dark and Hero Chao. It may take a while, but will eventually appear.

Hint: Special Chao

Collect at least 100 emblems to get access to a special section called the Black Market on the Dreamcast Network. A Special Chao can be downloaded from this area.

Hint: Get all five Chaos Emeralds with the Chao

To get all five of the Chaos Emeralds that you can get with the Chao, you need to log into the Dreamcast Network and go to the Chao Daycare Section. Download one of the Chaos that are 999 in all four categories. Return to your Chao Garden and race him in a Chao Race. He will easily defeat all the others. Repeat this on all five races to get the five possible Chaos Emeralds.

Hint: Finding Emeralds quickly

Emeralds are always in the same place when you go treasure hunting. Learn where the emerald shards are and you will find them very quickly for the third mission.

Hint: Unlimited Chaos

Get the Silver, Gold and the Black Eggs, then go to the Chao Garden. The game will save while you are going in. Once inside, put down the Chao then quit. Go back into the game and go to the same place from where you got that Chao. Another egg should be sitting there. Repeat this as many times as needed.

Hint: Super Chaos

There are four special evolutions possible for the little Chao creatures: Sonic, NiGHTS, Alien, and Dragon. After giving a normal Chao so many certain coloured animals it will evolve into one of these. After the first evolution, keep giving it more of the same coloured animals and its new features will continue to grow. If you give it different coloured animals, they will shrink.

Sonic The Armadillo

Go to the past when the Master Emerald altar is on fire. Move the camera so Sonic is facing the screen head on. In the red light, he looks just like Mighty The Armadillo from "Knuckles Chaotix" game on the Sega 32X.

Hint: Sonic Stage 1 shortcut

On Sonic's first stage, when you are propelled upward by a booster at the base of the level's highest ramp towards the end of the level, spin dash up to gain extra air. You should see a later part of the level. While falling, head towards that area and if you make it, you will cut ten seconds off your time.

Hint: Egg Carrier - change shape

At the Egg Carrier crash site, go to the cockpit where you will find the switch. Press the switch and go outside. The shape will look different. If you want to get to the inside from the front of the ship, use the monorail or complete the Sky Deck stage. You only need to destroy the capsule. If you want to change the ship's shape again, do it in the exactly same way that you did it in adventure mode. The ship should be its normal shape again.

Hint: Casinopolis: Unlimited rings

When you get to Casinopolis (level 3), go to the Night Pinball. Try to get five cards. You have to get one pair, two pair, three of a kind, full house, four of a kind, or five of a kind to get rings. This is the best way to complete the level.

Hint: Casinopolis: Destroy the capsule

Go to Casinopolis as Sonic. To destroy the capsule within five minutes to collect the emblem for level A, when you enter the Casinopolis, go to either Sonic (blue) pinball or the Nights pinball. Once you are in one of the pinballs, when you have less than 100 rings (for example, 20 or 30 rings), fall into the hole three times down to the garbage (Dilapidated Way) and get 200 rings. After you climb up the ladder into the shower room, exit the room, and go to the vault room to store 200 rings. Repeat the process again to get the 200 rings. When you have the 200 rings and store it in the vault, it will equal 400 rings. You will destroy the capsule before five minutes to collect the emblem for level A. You can do this in adventure mode or trial mode.

Hint: Casinopolis - take a shower

To take a shower in Casinopolis zone, enter the shower area as Sonic and push against the wall in one of the stalls.

Hint: Emerald Coast - more rings

To get extra rings on the Emerald Coast level (level 1) go back when you are at the start, and then to the right. You should find three capsules. Hit all of them and you will get 30 rings. When you are at the green hill around the middle of the level, do not go up it. Instead, go around to find three capsules. Break them all to get 1, 5, 10, 20, or 40 rings.

Hint: Emerald Coast: Sonic Super jump:

As Sonic, go to area in the Emerald Coast level where you find the second extra life capsule. Do a light speed dash into the slope from behind. Sonic will jump very high and then fall to the ground.

Ice Cap - flying snowboard

Jump immediately before the snowboard comes to a stop. If timed correctly, the snowboard will fly off in the distance.

Hint: Mystic Ruins - extra life

Tail's workshop is located all the way at the top of the mountains in Mystic Ruins. Go to the very top and look around to find an extra life. Use the spin attack to zoom over and collect it.

Hint: All characters in Twinkle Circuit

Go to the entrance of Sonic and Tails Speed Highway at Station Square. On the side of the building is a patch of grass. In it is a cart pass, which can be easily seen. Pick it up and go to the park entrance. You can only go to Twinkle Circuit, not Twinkle Park.

Hint: Easy coins with E-102 in Adventure Field

Go to Station Square and into the hotel. Go up the stairs to the second floor and stand at the very top step. Shoot your laser at the second button on the floor. Keep shooting to get coins.

Hint: Easy coins with Tails

For easy coins when playing as Tails, find a patch of dark green grass and stand on it. Twirl your tail around to make coins appear.

Hint: Easy rings for Tails

For easy rings when playing as Tails, fly up and ring the bell which appears around the halfway point of Speed Highway. About 40 rings will pour out of the bell.

Hint: Glide as Tails

To glide while playing as Tails, you will need his Rhythm Badge. Go to the Egg Carrier and transform the ship so that the platform where you fought Chaos 6 is there (it could be the other form but it is most likely to be this one). Go down the hill behind the large wall until Tails will not move any further. Then, face the way you came and hold down a Tail Whip. Go up the hill at full speed, still attacking, then when you go over the top Tails will glide using the Tail Whip for a while.

Hint: Easy rings for Knuckles

For easy rings when playing as Knuckles, go into to the entrance for Red Mountain, but do not go in all the way inside. Dig at the entrance and many rings will almost always appear.

Hint: Extra lives for Knuckles

For extra lives when playing as Knuckles, any grass patch repeatedly in Station Square. The best location for this is the triangular patch in the front of the hotel. You will eventually find an electric shield (this may take some time). With the shield, go upstairs in the hotel and stand on the button that creates rings for Sonic to get his power-up. The rings will continue to replenish after being drawn into the electric shield. The rings will keep appearing until you have 999.

Hint: Knuckles in Sonic's Lost World

To play as Knuckles in Sonic'a Lost World, do your part of the Lost World stage by taking Sonic's oute. When you find the room with a hole going down and some rings, climb down until you find the bomb's capsule. Activate the bomb, then in that same place keep jumping until Knuckles goes through the ceiling. This may take some time to achieve. When you finally get through it, you will notice that there is no ground, so glide instead. When you get to the building, try finding parts of it that you can go through; it does not matter which one. When you do find one, the location should look familiar as you'll be in Sonic's Lost World.

Hint: Easy coins and lives for Big

To gain some easy coins and lives while playing as Big,, go to one of the Chao gardens and try fishing items out of the water areas. Keep trying if you did not get anything the first time.

Hint: Two employee cards

After beating Twinkle Park as Sonic for the first time, an card for getting access to the Speed Highway will appear in Station Square. Carry it into the hotel and put it down. Go back to where you first found the card. The card will be there and a copy of the card will fall from the sky. The copy will also open Speed Highway, but if you do not touch it for a while it will disappear. However, it can be re-created.

See Metal Sonic and Shadow

When you are playing as E-102, look in the two glass containers in his starting room to see Metal Sonic and Shadow.

See Dreamcasts

E-102 has Sega Dreamcast systems on him.

Hint: Get to Sky Deck in adventure mode

Choose either Sonic or Tails, then go to the Egg Carrier. Go to the top to get to the control room outside, then switch the ship to the first mode. After that, go down to the bottom of the Egg Carrier and catch a train ride back up. The ship should change modes. From there, head up and you should see a door that leads into Sky Deck.

Hint: Get Crystal Ring

To get a crystal ring, play as Sonic and obtain the Light Speed Shoes. Stand in front of the door on the left side where the Crystal Ring is located. Charge your Light Speed Dash and it should hit the button on the other side of the door. Go inside to get the Crystal Ring.

Hint: Train Station Sonic Emblem

There is a Sonic Emblem in the Station Square Train Station that you can get with Tails. But there is also a way to get it with other characters. As you walk in, the Sonic Emblem is right above you. Walk to the train but do not go in. Instead, head right or left. There should be a small ledge or railing there. Use the ledge to walk to a loft type location to find the emblem.

Hint: Change Station Square appearance:

To change the appearance of Station Square, connect to the Dreamcast Network through the "Sonic Adventure" disc and download the new file.

Hint: Hitching a ride

To hitch a ride, stand in front of the car, then jump on top of it. You can go anywhere in Station Square except for the hotel parking lot.

Hint: Super Speed

For super speed when playing as Sonic, pick up a pair of Speed Shoes, then pick up another one. For example, in the Speed Highway level, when you run on the side of the building, pick up the Speed Shoes. Then, drop and run behind the building to get the second pair. When the music ends you will have unlimited super speed until you die or complete the level. Pick up another one and you will go even faster.

Hint: Continuing with a bad disc

If you have a scratched disc, the game may freeze at certain points when a character speaks, and they must finish for you to continue. If this happens, simply switch the voices to another language and you should get past that point.

Glitch: Accidental game deletion

Warning: Do not turn off the game at the following places or your entire game will be erased.:

Glitch: Giant characters

Go to the Mystic Ruins as any character and walk on to the platform by the train. Jump on the train and turn to face the sea. Rotate the view so that the character is facing you. It now should appear as if the character has grown.

Glitch: Skip Egg Carrier loading time

There is a way to skip the loading time on the stairs of the docks at the Egg Carrier. First, go to the dock and angle Sonic so that he is on the opposite side from the boat. Then, jump diagonally on to the stairs and keep jumping up to get to the top. For fun, jump off the stairs to see Sonic float for a bit. You still cannot get to top because of loading time, so jump diagonally onto the Egg Carrier.

Glitch: Big falls through the floor

When you get out of the elevator in Twinkle Park, walk off the stairs, lean towards the wall, and start jumping rapidly to fall through the floor.

Glitch: Sonic runs on cliffs

Sonic can run on the cliffs where the forest is located in Mystic Ruins. Find a slope to Spin Dash on, then you will be on the cliffs. You can go up and down, but do not go too high or you will fall down as there is an invisible wall there).

Glitch: Sonic gets killed by the sidewalk

Walk along the sidewalk in the Casino area until you see Sonic trip. Try to pinpoint where exactly he tripped by walking over that spot again. Slowly move around the area until sonic Falls through the sidewalk into total darkness.

Glitch: Slow motion Sonic

In the Station Square Chao Garden, you can make Sonic appear as if he is running, but in slow motion. Go to the pavilion on the far right and then to the far edge of that pavilion. Do a Spin Dash, then jump. When you are on top of the structure, go to the top point. Zoom in your view and Sonic will be running in slow motion, but not gaining ground.

Glitch: Knuckles drowned by a tree

Go to that fat purple cat's shack and climb up his tree until you see and hear a splash of water. Then, go back down until Knuckles goes through the splash again. You will see bubbles coming from his mouth. Wait there until he chokes. Note: He is outside the tree the entire time. He will start floating in midair. If you keep climbing up though, you can fall through the top of the tree to an emblem.

Glitch: Tails falls forever

In the Mystic Ruins Chao Garden, go to the far right of the garden(so that your left is towards the fence and a stone wall is to your right). Make Tails fly off the fence to the right as far as possible. The screen will turn black and you will see a blue ring trail behind him after awhile.

Glitch: Tails flies sideways

To make Tails fly sideways, you will need the Rhythm Badge. At Speed Highway with Tails, go to the middle slanted roof of the first building that you go under. Do a spin and hold it. Get some speed and go straight into the wall. You should float backwards off the wall and be able to control Tails as if you were spinning on a wall. You can go as far right, left, or up as desired, but you must hold the spin. To stop, jump and you can fly to a safe landing.

Glitch: Tails falls through wall

To make Tails fall through the wall in Speed Highway, fall off the path. You can fall through the walls of a building. Note: This will not keep him from falling.

Glitch: Open and close train doors

When you arrive at the train station, go to the train and stand in the centre of the doors. The doors will close halfway and then open again.

Glitch: Knuckles out of Cannons Core

When playing Cannons Core as Knuckles, go down to the entrance of Rouge's part. Go to a corner and you should get hurt from the acid. As you are blinking, head for the corner and you should go out. It is possible to skip the entire level touch Big.

Glitch: Black screen in Speed Highway

In the Speed Highway level, get to at the part where you hit a bumper and launch by a helicopter. Instead of avoiding the blades, get hit. When you land, all of your rings should be in one small spot. Quickly charge up the Light Speed Dash and dash at the rings. The screen will turn black and you will die. When you return to the last point marker, the screen will still be black, but your rings and timer bar will still be there. Pause the game and exit the level and the screen will turn blue. The only way for the screen to change to normal is to restart the system. This does not seem to affect the game in any way.

Glitch: Knuckles out of Speed Highway

When playing as Knuckles in Speed Highway, find a corner with a ceiling above it and frantically keep gliding into that corner to go through it.

Glitch: Play as Tails in Emerald Coast

When playing as Tails, go into the hotel and up the stairs that lead to the two buttons (one opens the doors, the other produces rings for Sonic's Light Speed Dash). Open the doors. Quickly fly into the room behind the door (where Sonic gets the Crystal Ring). When inside, open the doors again, stand on the strip of metal between the doors and fly up. If done correctly, when you get exhausted, you will land on top of the doors. Next, fly straight up for about a second, then fly in the direction of Emerald Coast. When you are above the level's entrance, stop flying and you should now be in the level. You can only go as far as the tunnel after the lighthouse.

Glitch: Fall through Emerald Coast entrance

Play as Sonic and go to the Emerald Coast entrance. Spin Dash into the level. Before the screen fades away, you should see Sonic fall through the floor.

Glitch: Fish for coins in altar as Big

After you catch Froggy in the hot shelter, Big will go to the past. Walk across the bridge, then around to the side of the stairs. Fish where the stairs meet the water in the outermost pool of water. Keep fishing and you should get rings there. This works on both sides of the stairway. However, it may not work more than once unless you reset the system and do it again.

Glitch: See around corners in Station Square

Play as Big The Cat and go to the section of Station Square where you change parts of the city (when the screen turns black) but do not go into it. Instead, do your fishing aim towards it. You can clearly see bricked walls and cars go through them. On the other side, it is just blue.

Glitch: Fall through floor in Hot Shelter

As soon as you start Gamma's Hot Shelter stage, there are bathrooms on each side. Walk around constantly inside of one of the bathroom stalls and you will eventually fall through the floor. If you start gliding and did it fast enough, you will have found a shortcut with some item boxes.

Glitch: Stuck in lift

The lift that Knuckles uses to get to a Chaos Boss normally cannot be used by the other characters. Play as Sonic and perform the trick for getting Tails to get through the roof (landing above the doors where you got the Crystal Ring). Get on the door, then move Sonic to the right and jump. If you are in the correct location, you should be able to stand. Try to drop (jump slightly) Sonic into the lift. If you manage to land in it, you will not be able to get out. When you try to spin towards the doors, you will go through them but get pushed back into the lift. It may be possible to do this glitch with Tails. The only way out of this glitch is to quit and return to the main menu.

Glitch: Strange deaths

Go to the Mystic Ruins and get to the forest area where you get to Final Egg level with Sonic. Use a Spin Dash at the side walls of the entrance to Dr. Robotnik's tunnel entrance. You will go through them. Go to the left slightly and hit the water while falling. If done correctly, you will hear your character die, then you should be in Dr. Robotnik's area. You cannot move much, but can see your character just lose a life after a few seconds. If you did not hit the water and end up in Dr. Robotnik's area, you will fall through the floor, see the top of your character's head, but lose a life.

Glitch: Win and lose at the same time

To win and lose at the same time, play as Tails to defeat Eggman. Try to fly up to him to lose all of your rings. Then, fly up to him again. You will win and lose a life at the same time.

Hint: Chao Moods

Question MarkConfused
Exclamation MarkSurprised
XX over eyesAngry
-- over eyesHappy
Half Closed eyesTired
Waving ArmsWants Attention
Flailing ArmsAngry

Hint: Egg Carrier - emblem locations

Hint: Mysic Ruins - emblem locations

Hint: Station Square - emblem locations

Hint: Power-up locations

CharacterPower-upHow/where to obtain
SonicLight Speed ShoesSewer in Station Square.
SonicCrystal RingElevator on second floor of hotel.
SonicAncient LightOn rock near bridge to Angel Island.
TailsRhythm BadgeFollow Tikal to past (it is on a pyramid).
TailsJet AnkletIn the sewer behind Twinkle Park.
KnucklesFighting GloveIn the cave near Angel Island.
KnucklesShovel ClawOn a cliff behind Big The Cat's house. Go to the Mystic Ruins and go to the ledge where you entered the level. Turn to your right. The Shovel Claw can be found right above Big The Cat's house. They allow Knucles to do an attack similar to Sonic's Homing attack.
AmyWarrior FeatherDefeat Hedgehog Hammer for the first time.
AmyLong HammerDefeat First Place score again.
Big The CatLife BeltIn the lake in the cave leading to Angel Island.
Big The CatPower RodIn Forest under Big's bed.
Big The CatLure 1In Sewer Behind Twinkle Park.
Big The CatLure 2In a cave in the Forest.
Big The CatLure 3In the Icecap level.
Big The CatLure 4In a prison cell on the Egg Carrier.
E-102 GammaJet BoosterIn the Ammunition Room of the Egg Carrier.
E-102 GammaGun UpgradeIn the room opposite the Ammunition Room.

Hint: Getting every emblem

There are a total of 130 emblems to be collected in the game, as indicated below:

AreaNumber of emblems to collect
Sonic's Action Stages30
Tails' Action Stages15
Knuckles' Action Stages15
Amy's Action Stages9
Big the Cat's Action Stages12
E-102 Gamma's Action Stages15
Adventure Field12
Mini Games10
Chao Races5
Game completion with all 6 characters6

Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX codes

This cheat requires the Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX cheat device.

Super Low TimeBD4E21C8 00000000
255 Emblems2087A25F 000000FF
Enable Tails and Knuckles274F7B2C 00000101
Enable Amy and E-10249DA07A0 00000101
Enable Big and Super Sonic7E1DCB6B 00000101
999 RingsD3D8989A 000003E7
Unlimited Lives86D39645 00000009

Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX codes (UK version)

This cheat requires the Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX cheat device.

Always Have 999 Gold RingsFE198DC3 000003E7
Unlimited LivesAED34AD4 00000004
Timer Always Set To 00:00:01D0C0989A 00000000
Turn On Debug Mode77F5C847 00000000

Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX codes (Japanese version)

This cheat requires the Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX cheat device.

999 Rings59A76C35 000003E7
Unlimited Lives2FD77827 000003E7

CodeBreaker codes (Version 1.0)

This cheat requires the CodeBreaker cheat device.

Maximum Rings01752BE4 000003E7
Unlimited Lives01752BE0 00000009
Low Time01752BE2 00000000
Maximum Emblems021C5490 000000FF
Enable Tails and Knuckles01799962 00000101
Enable Amy and E-102 'Y'01799964 00000101
Enable Big and Super Sonic01799966 00000101
Have All Characters01799962 00000101 02799964 01010101
Debug Menu01752BDC 00000000

CodeBreaker codes (version 1.1)

This cheat requires the CodeBreaker cheat device.

Maximum Rings01756C64 000003E7
Unlimited Lives01756C60 00000009
Low Time00756C62 00000000
Maximum Emblems021C9510 000000FF
Enable Tails and Knuckles0179D9E2 00000101
Enable Amy and E-102 'Y'0179D9E4 00000101
Enable Big and Super Sonic0179D9E6 00000101
Have All Characters0179D9E2 00000101 0279D9E4 01010101
Debug Menu01756C5C 00000000

CodeBreaker codes (Japanese version)

This cheat requires the CodeBreaker cheat device.

Maximum Rings0175B748 000003E7
Unlimited Lives0175B744 000003E7

Skip credits

To skip the credits, hold L, R, B, A, X and Y together and press Start while the credits are scrolling.

Faster Sonic spins

To spin faster, continuously tap X or B.

Full pause screen

To remove the text from the pause screen, pause the game, then press Y and X together.

Hidden Puzzle VMU Game

Connect a controller with a VMU in its first slot to port D before powering on the system with Sonic Adventure in the drive. You will be able to play a hidden VMU game called Chao Puzzle on that controller when you start a game.

Alternative Twinkle Park Race views

To chaneg views during the Twinkle Park Race level, press Up twice.

Alternative snowboards

Press X immediately before entering the snowboarding portion of the game to get a blue snowboard or B for a yellow snowboard.

Faster snowboarding

To duck and go faster during snowboarding levels, press or hold B or X.

Hidden artwork

Place the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find additional images from the game in the "extras" directory.

Hint: Clone characters

Play through the game (with all the characters) until Super Sonic is unlocked. In Super Sonic's Adventure, go to the crashed island. You will see Knuckles and Eggman (Dr Robotnik). After the FMV sequence, press A, B, X, Y and Start together. Then, choose Knuckles and return to the same place to find two Knuckles. Note: This also can be done with other characters.

Hint: Defeating the whale

When on the whale stage(s), run over a speed ramp as soon as it appears. Then, do not press anything on the controller; the CPU will do the rest.

Hint: Copy Chao

Place the VMU with the Chao in socket 1 and the destination VMU in socket 2. Enter the Chao Garden, then leave the Chao Garden. After the "Now Saving" message, look at the data on the VMU. If done correctly, it will have Chao data. Note: The VMU will not have the Chao Game on it. This can be fixed by taking your copied chao out of the VMU, and putting it in the Chao Garden, then putting the Chao back in your VMU.

Another way to copy a single Chao is to have at least one VMU and one memory card. You have to chose the memory card to save your game onto and not the VMU. Go into any of the gardens and pause the game. Then remove the memory card from the controller. Pick up the Chao you want to clone and put it into the VMU. After it is in the VMU, do not put the memory card back into the controller. Instead, just shut off the game so it cannot save it. When you start the game again, the Chao should be in the garden and in the VMU.

Hint: Copy up to 24 Chao at once

This trick will require a mega memory card. Choose the game on the MMC with the Chao you want to copy (all twenty four in the three gardens). Go into any garden and pause game play. Switch the port on the back of the MMC to the game that you want to put the Chaos in. Be careful as the copied Chaos will remove any of the other Chaos in the game you switched it to. After switching the ports, resume the game and exit the garden. After it finishes saving, you should turn off the game. The copying of Chaos does not affect the game itself, only the Chaos in the gardens.

Keep Light Speed light on Sonic in Chao Garden

When you are in the Chao Garden, charge up Light Speed until Sonic says "Ready...!" but do not release the button. Go over to a Chao or Chao Egg and press Y to pick it up while still holding the Light Speed button. When you are holding the Chao or Chao Egg, release of the Light Speed button. You can now walk around with Light Speed without holding the button.

Hint: Get Big The Cat early

To get Big Cat early, play as Sonic in a new game and start the Windy Valley level. Go to Station Square and go outside to where the boat that leads to Egg Carrier is located. Big will be next to it. Walk up to him, press Action, and he will say "Froggy, where are you?". You will then get Big The Cat as a new character.

Hint: Casinopolis - Ring room

In the Casino Metropolis, approach the little computer in front of the blue pinball machine. Press the "Talk" button in front of the computer. It will say "get 100 coins or less" and you will get a surprise.

Hint: Ice Cap - Stand on snowboard

In the snowboard section, when you go really fast, press Analog-Stick Down. Sonic or Tails will stand on the snowboard but still keep moving.

Hint: Mystic Ruins - Knuckles' Maximum Fighting

When you are in the area where Big's home and the Lost Ruins are located, use Knuckles to fly to the very back end of that location. You will see a small cliff. When you get off the mine cart, it will be directly ahead in the distance. Once on the cliff, you will see a glowing light. With the Gloves, you can do an attack much like Sonic's "Ancient Light", only with Knuckles.

Hint: Station Square - Opening doors

After you see the ID card for the big shed that you go to Speed Highway 6, go all the way back to where Knuckles has his first stage (Speed Highway 1). Go left to find an egg-shaped rock and use that rock in the store in Station Square with the Gold Chao Egg in the window. Take the gold one off the platform and put the rock on that same platform and the doors will unlock and open.

Station Square - Big gets hurt in elevator

Once you start Big's level, you will end up in Station Square. Go towards City Hall and you will have to pick up a car and go into a sewer. When you get to the elevator, let Big's tail stick out of the door and he will say "Owch!".

Hint: Station Square: Poster of Station

To perform this trick, play as Tails and equip the Jet Anklet if you have it (not essential). Go into the hotel at Station Square. Go up the stairs and press the switch that opens the door to the room that Sonic gets his powerup from. Quickly fly into it. Note: This is the same method used to get Tails into Sonic's Emerald Coat. Next, press the button inside. While the doors are open, go to the metal strip in the floor between the doors and jump. Fly straight up and hold L or R until you land. If you do not hold one of those buttons, you will not be able to see. If you look left or right, you should see a road. You can land on it, Once there you can see posters of Station Square.

Hint: Twinkle Park - Huge bait

For huge bait in Twinkle Park, go there with Big and start fishing. When the screen says "Hit!", press L and R together.

Hint: Easy rings with Sonic

For some easy rings when playing as Sonic in Casinopolis, go to the slot machines and press Jump twice. This will make rings appear from the slot machines.

Hint: Easy rings with Amy

Play as Amy and defeat Hedgehog Hammer. Go near some grass and do the Revolving Hammer Attack (press X and rotate Analog-Stick). Sometimes rings will appear.

Hint: Easy rings with E-102

When you complete the game, go to the Egg Carrier by taking the boat from Station Square or the lower level of the Mystic Ruins train station. The boat becomes available when the Egg Carrier crashes. Go to the place where the pool used to be located, then jump, hover, press X, and release. If done correctly, you should get some ring capsule shot. There are some on top of the pool, by the emblem. The pool room is by the Golden bridge.

Hint: Easy coins with Knuckles

For some easy coins when playing as Knuckles, go upstairs to the switch in the hotel. Stand on the switch with Knuckles and repeatedly press X.

Hint: Fishing with Big

In any level, when you catch a fish, pull Back on the Analog-Stick when the screen says "HIT!" and you will catch the fish or frog.

Chao Puzzle VMU game (Demo version - Generator Volume 1)

This trick requires two controllers, one plugged into port A, and the other into port D. Insert a VMU into controller D and load Sonic Adventure. Press Start controller D and "Chao Puzzle" should appear on the VMU. Press Start on controller A to pause the game before playing Chao Puzzle. Note: Allowing the game to continue while playing Chao Puzzle will cause it to freeze.

CodeBreaker codes (Version 1.0)

This cheat requires the CodeBreaker cheat device.

Maximum Rings01752BE4 000003E7
Unlimited Lives01752BE0 00000009
Low Time01752BE2 00000000
Maximum Emblems021C5490 000000FF
Enable Tails & Knuckles01799962 00000101
Enable Amy & E-102 'Y'01799964 00000101
Enable Big & Super Sonic01799966 00000101
Have All Characters01799962 00000101 02799964 01010101
Debug Menu01752BDC 00000000

CodeBreaker codes (Version 1.1)

This cheat requires the CodeBreaker cheat device.

Maximum Rings01756C64 000003E7
Unlimited Lives01756C60 00000009
Low Time00756C62 00000000
Maximum Emblems021C9510 000000FF
Enable Tails & Knuckles0179D9E2 00000101
Enable Amy & E-102 'Y'0179D9E4 00000101
Enable Big & Super Sonic0179D9E6 00000101
Have All Characters0179D9E2 00000101 0279D9E4 01010101
Debug Menu01756C5C 00000000
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