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Play as Deadwing

To play as Deadwing, go to Gardelle county jail and find the maximum security cells (the small red rooms lined up in a row). Go inside the one on the lower floor on the left, farthest to the right.

Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX codes (version 1.0)

This cheat requires the Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX cheat device.

Spare58B77B82 00000003 + EE371441 00000003 + 2EA76F90 00000003
Teddy BearD7688F0A 00000003
The Prophecy46BA131C 00000003
ViolatorF9599A53 00000003
Jack's Journal5F877B82 00000003
Unlimited Shotgun ShellsD6988F2F 00000063
Accumulator36612892 00000003
AssonC8ABEB2D 00000003
Baton82A381D5 00000003
Book Of ShadowsA9435D44 00000003
Calabash90080622 00000003
Engineers Key82D381D5 00000003
Enseigne70C5DFD7 00000003
FlambeauD7D88F0A 00000003
Flashlight5FF77B82 00000003
Handgun1F241A44 00000003
Key CardA9935D44 00000003
L'Eclipser: La Lame31F12892 00000003
L'Eclipser: La LuneAED35D44 00000003
L'Eclipser: La SoleilFE199A53 00000003
Marteau36B12892 00000003
Unlimited Violator Ammo1E641A61 000003E7
MP 9097785DFD7 00000003
Prism77F5DFD7 00000003
RetractorFEA99A53 00000003
Shotgun6BCB6794 00000003
Shotgun 2CFEBEB2D 00000003
SMGF9E99A53 00000003
999 Cadeaux6A8B67B1 000003E7
Unlimited 9mm Ammo7085DFF2 000003E7

Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX codes (version 1.1)

This cheat requires the Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX cheat device.

999 Cadeaux648B664F 000003E7
Unlimited 9mm Ammo7E85DE0C 000003E7
Unlimited Violator Ammo10641B9F 000003E7
Unlimited Shotgun ShellsD8988ED1 00000063
Accumulator8C6381D3 00000003
Asson27976F96 00000003
BatonD9B88F0C 00000003
Book Of Shadows38712894 00000003
Calabash24876F96 00000003
Engineers KeyD9C88F0C 00000003
EnseigneC6BBEB2B 00000003
Flambeau38C12894 00000003
FlashlightA7235D42 00000003
Handgun65DB6792 00000003
Key CardF7499A55 00000003
L'Eclipser: La LameB466365E 00000003
L'Eclipser: La Lune3BD12894 00000003
L'Eclipser: La Soleil8FC381D3 00000003
Marteau8CB381D3 00000003
MP 909F4899A55 00000003
PrismF4F99A55 00000003
Retractor8F7381D3 00000003
ShotgunB776365E 00000003
Shotgun 252977B84 00000003
SMG51E77B84 00000003
SpareDA788F0C 00000003
Spare7DD5DFD1 00000003
SpareA4335D42 00000003
Teddy BearF7999A55 00000003
The Prophecy98B80624 00000003
Violator51577B84 00000003
Jack's JournalA7535D42 00000003

CodeBreaker codes (version 1.0)

This cheat requires the CodeBreaker cheat device.

Unlimited Shotgun Shells012BFEB4 00000063
Unlimited Violator Ammo012BFEB8 000003E7
Unlimited Cadeaux Ammo012BFEBC 000003E7
Unlimited 9mm Ammo012BFEC0 000003E7
Have The Prophecy012B6ABC 00000003
Have Jack's Journal012B6AC0 00000003
Have Book Of Shadows012B6AC4 00000003
Have Teddy Bear012B6AC8 00000003
Have Accumulator012B6ACC 00000003
Have Enseigne012B6AD0 00000003
Have Asson012B6AD4 00000003
Have SMG012B6AD8 00000003
Have Flashlight012B6ADC 00000003
Have Engineers Key012B6AE0 00000003
Have Flambeau012B6AE4 00000003
Have Handgun012B6AE8 00000003
Have Shotgun012B6AEC 00000003
Have Key Card012B6AF0 00000003
Have Violator012B6AF4 00000003
Have Marteau012B6AF8 00000003
Have Baton012B6AFC 00000003
Have Mp909012B6B00 00000003
Have Shotgun 2012B6B04 00000003
Have Retractor012B6B08 00000003
Have Spare012B6B0C 00000003
Have Calabash012B6B10 00000003
Have Spare012B6B14 00000003
Have Spare012B6B18 00000003
Have Prism012B6B1C 00000003
Have L'Eclipser-La Lune012B6B20 00000003
Have L'Eclipser-La Soleil012B6B24 00000003
Have L'Eclipser-La Lame012B6B28 00000003

CodeBreaker codes (version 1.1)

This cheat requires the CodeBreaker cheat device.

Unlimited Violator Ammo012C0538 000003E7
Unlimited Shotgun Shells012C0534 00000063
Unlimited Cadeaux Ammo012C053C 000003E7
Unlimited 9mm Ammo012C0540 000003E7
Have The Prophecy012B713C 00000003
Have Jack's Journal012B7140 00000003
Have Teddy Bear012B7144 00000003
Have Book Of Shadows012B7148 00000003
Have Accumulator012B714C 00000003
Have Enseigne012B7150 00000003
Have Asson012B7154 00000003
Have SMG012B7158 00000003
Have Flashlight012B715C 00000003
Have Engineers Key012B7160 00000003
Have Flambeau012B7164 00000003
Have Handgun012B7168 00000003
Have Shotgun012B716C 00000003
Have Key Card012B7170 00000003
Have Violator012B7174 00000003
Have Marteau012B7178 00000003
Have Baton012B717C 00000003
Have MP 909012B7180 00000003
Have Shotgun 2012B7184 00000003
Have Retractor012B7188 00000003
Have Spare012B718C 00000003
Have Calabash012B7190 00000003
Have Spare012B7194 00000003
Have Spare012B7198 00000003
Have Prism012B719C 00000003
Have L'Eclipser-La Lune012B71A0 00000003
Have L'Eclipser-La Soleil012B71A4 00000003
Have L'Eclipser-La Lame012B71A8 00000003

Obtaining the Book Of Shadows

To obtain the book of shadows, go to Deadside: Marrow Gates. At the beginning of the level, go to the left and climb up the blood waterfall. Open up the Shadow level 10 Coffin Gate (120 Dark Souls). In addition to a "Thank You", you will be able to see pictures drawn during the game's development.

Deadside shotguns

Go to the Wasteland and enter the Temple Of Life. Walk into the second to last altar on the right, where you get the Baton and press B. The "Secret Activated" message will appear.

Pea Soup mode

To activate Pea Soup mode, go to the Temple Of Fire. Locate the pool of blood and find the door that leads to a room with a ramp going up the left, leading to another ramp. Move up the ramp and look to the left to see a hallway. Jump on the railing and jump towards the hallway. You should grab the ledge in front of it. Pull yourself up. The "Secret Activated" message should appear.

Play as Bloodshot

To play as Bloodshot, go to the Temple Of Blood (Nager) and enter the small bonus room reached from the platform that is knocked down by the large hammer. The "Secret Activated" message will appear when you walk in the room.

Play as Duppie

To play as Duppie, go to the Undercity. Go to the ledge where two snipers are awaiting your disposal. Jump to the ledge on the right, climb onto the next ledge, and look for the curved U-shaped pipe. Jump to it and the "Secret Activated" message will appear.

Play as Nettie

To play as Nettie, go to the Mordant St. NY. Follow the paths until reaching a room with a lever. Pull the lever and the lights will turn on. Enter the elevator and go up. Go find the door, then look for a brown patch on the floor. Jump as far as possible, then jump again. If you are quick enough you will get over and the "Secret Activated" message will appear. If you fall through, use the bear to warp there and try again.

Play as a dog

To play as a dog, go to the Asylum: Gateway and go to the path before the door on the left under the bridge. Follow it until find a room with a Govi and some boxes. Climb the boxes and jump on the rafters. Jump to the second rafter, then jump to the third rafter. The "Secret Activated" message will appear.

Flame on mode

To activate Flame on mode, go to Dr. Death's Schism Gate and go to where you fight the helicopter and destroy it. Then, go to the tunnel to the right of the entrance. The "Secret Activated" message will appear. Note: The gate should not be opened before unlocking the secret.

Big head mode

To activate big head mode, warp to Asylum: Playrooms. Go to where the playroom cells are found (with a pool table and a playpen). Enter one of the empty cells and roam around until the "Secret Activated" message appears.

Comedy shoes

For comedy shoes, go to Deadside: Marrow Gates. At the beginning of the level, go to the left and climb up the blood waterfall. Go through the Shadow level 10 Coffin Gate and the "Secret Activated" message will appear.

Invisible man

To activate invisibility, go to London Underground via Jack The Ripper. Go to the middle stall in the women's bathroom and the "Secret Activated" message will appear.

Disco mode

For Disco mode, go to the Cathedral Of Pain and drop down the shaft into the Marcher lava. Go on the top of the spinning blades, then find your way to another shaft that goes down. Drop down and the "Secret Activated" message will appear as you fall.

Shotgun head mode

For shotgun head mode, go to Temple of Prophecy (Marcher) and enter the "Flambeau maze". Find your way to the center of the room on the ground level and the "Secret Activated" message will appear.

Hint: Nettie bleeds

To see Nettie bleed, go up to her and, after she tells a story of your journey or fate, approach and shoot her. To see her bleed, press Snipe then look down at the bottom part of her clothing. You will see a sprinkle of blood coming from her.

Action Replayy CDX codes (UK version)

This cheat requires the Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX cheat device.

Have 999 Cadeaux8423800E 000003E7
Have Infinite 9mm AmmoBF463783 000000FF
Have Infinite Violator Ammo30312949 000000FF
Have Infinite Shotgun ShellsFFD99B88 000000FF
Have AccumulatorCE48EB2B C0705041 + CE4BEB2B 00000003
Have Enseigne19471A42 C0705041 + 19441A42 00000003
Have Asson6DA86792 C0705041 + 6DAB6792 00000003
Have 0.9-smg91AB0624 C0705041 + 91A80624 00000003
Have FlashlightEF941447 C0705041 + EF971447 00000003
Have Engineer's KeyEF941447 C0705041 + EF971447 00000003
Have Flambeau6E686792 C0705041 + 6E6B6792 00000003
Have Handgun926B0624 C0705041 + 92680624 00000003
Have ShotgunEC541447 C0705041 + EC571447 00000003
Have Keycard33122894 C0705041 + 33112894 00000003
Have Violator870081D3 C0705041 + 870381D3 00000003
Have MarteauBCA5365E C0705041 + BCA6365E 00000003
Have Baton1AF71A42 C0705041 + 1AF41A42 00000003
Have Mp-90942C9131A C0705041 + 42CA131A 00000003
Have Shotgun92DB0624 C0705041 + 92D80624 00000003
Have RetractorCD58EB2B C0705041 + CD5BEB2B 00000003
Have Spare2C746F96 C0705041 + 2C776F96 00000003
Have Calabash6EB86792 C0705041 + 6EBB6792 00000003
Have SpareBC15365E C0705041 + BC16365E 00000003
Have SpareEC841447 C0705041 + EC871447 00000003
Have Prism42B9131A C0705041 + 42BA131A 00000003
Have L'eclipser - La Lune5B847B84 C0705041 + 5B877B84 00000003
Have L'eclipser - La SoleilAD405D42 C0705041 + AD435D42 00000003
Have L'eclipser - La LameD36B8F0C C0705041 + D3688F0C 00000003
Have Cadeaux32622894 C0705041 + 32612894 00000003
Have The ProphecyBFB5365E C0705041 + BFB6365E 00000003
Have Jacks JournalEFE41447 C0705041 + EFE71447 00000003
Have Book Of Shadows41D9131A C0705041 + 41DA131A 00000003
Have Teddy Bear7626DFD1 C0705041 + 7625DFD1 00000003
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