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Sega Marine Fishing

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Hidden fish and other items

To unlock The Hideaway of Big Fish, successfully complete arcade mode, then choose original mode and select the free fishing option. To unlock the Fishing Port location in free fishing, successfully complete arcade mode twice. To unlock Dogtooth Tunas in the Fishing Port location, successfully complete arcade mode three times. To unlock the Napoleon Fish in the Coral Reef, successfully complete arcade mode four times.

Sea Turtle appearance

Go to the Offing stage and equip a sinking lure. Cast to the near the first floating thing. If done correctly you should see a sea turtle on the way down. Keep trying until it appears.

Hint: Get any article of clothing

Go to the offing and catch small blue marlins (about 60 to 100 lbs). You can do this easily with the first popper A you are given. To get a different character's clothing (Captain or Macala), use their specific rod under items and do the same thing.

Hint: Using the aquarium

Put items you get in the aquarium as soon as the are obtained. You cannot get some items if this is not done.

Hint: Other items

To get other items, aim for the biggest fish on any particular level. The last item you will be able to get with most fish is the metal fish of that type.

Hint: Catching the coelacanth

The hardest fish to catch in the game is the coelacanth and the bluefin tuna in the fishing port as there are no specific lures to catch them. Aim to the left side of the screen near the dock and use the first big splasher lure to catch the coelacanth. You usually have to get other fish to chase it before the coelacanth gets interested. The small silver minnow also works well.

Hint: Catching the bluefin tuna

To catch bluefin tuna, use the first big pencil popper and fish just to the right of the dock as far back as it will go. You have to dance the lure just around there to get them to bite.

CodeBreaker codes

This cheat requires the CodeBreaker cheat device.

Maximum Items Available01106E88 000003E7
Maximum Points in Arcade Mode01106A50 0000270F
Unlimited Time in Arcade Mode01106A5E 000042C8
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