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Sega Bass Fishing

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Unlimited time

For unlimited time, pause the game and press A, B, Y, X, Y, A, B, Left, Right, Y, X, A, B, A, Y, X, then Y. The word "Fish" will be spoken if the cheat has worked.

Change lure colour

To change the lure colour, press Up or Down in original mode.

Sonic lure

For a Sonic lure, successfully complete all five professional tournaments in original mode.

Female character

For a female character, press A and B together at the arcade mode level selection screen.

Alternative clothes and boat colour

For new clothes and a different boat colour, reach the final tournament in original mode.

Secret practice levels

To access secret practice levels, successfully complete the game once in arcade mode. Three new levels will be unlocked under practice mode. Successfully complete Lake Paradise in original mode to unlock the Palace level in practice mode. Successfully complete Lake Crystal in original mode to unlock the Falls level in practice mode.

Hint: Keeping low line tension

To keep low line tension, sweep the Analog-Stick in clockwise full circles when your tension gets up very high in red. If done correctly, the tension will go down extremely low, allowing you to reel in big fish. Keep sweeping the Analog-Stick to cause the fish to become tired. When you have a large fish on your line, or a fish that has a lot of energy, tap your Reel button at a slow rate. While doing this, it gives the line just enough time to keep low tension while holding onto the fish without it snapping your line. This should work for any fish of any size, no matter what type of challenge. If the line gets very tense, release it and let it go into the yellow zone for about a second. Then, keep tapping it at a slow rate.

Hint: Knock armoured head off in Palace

To knock the head off the armoured body in the Palace, use the Deep Crank or Sonic bait and cast it to the left of the palace's front door. Reel it all the way in until it sinks to the point where it is directly behind the armoured body's head. Keep reeling it in, and if your bait hits the back of the armoured head, it will fall off.

Hint: Guessing a fish's weight

Watch as you are reeling in a fish. If it doesn't take long to reel in and adds little tension to the line, it is likely to be a small one. If the tension bar remains at yellow for a long period of time it will be an average size fish. If the tension bar goes red, do not reel it in immediately. Make circular motions with the Analog-Stick and the fish will tire as you reel it in.

Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX codes (UK version)

This cheat requires the Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX cheat device.

Always Rank InF229944A 00002710
Time In Tourney Modifier (adjust ?? to suit)AD03535C 00000001
No Line BreaksF701944E 00004330
Away Team Scores 15 GoalsD01881A3 0000000F
Away Team Scores 0 GoalsD01881A3 00000000

Quick restart (Demo version - Generator Volume 1)

Normally, the game will return to the main menu after the "Game Over" screen. To prevent this, quickly hold A, B, X and Y together and press Start at the "Game Over" screen. You will commence another game without returning to the main menu.

Action Replay CDX codes

This cheat requires the Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX cheat device.

This Code Must Be First9C5D88F8
Max Fish Caught Lake Eagle197392D0 C0705041 + 197592D0 00000005 + D92C8064 C0705041 + D92A8064 00000005 + 145392CD C0705041 + 145592CD 00000005
Max Weight Lake Eagle225BFC6A C0705041 + 225BFC6A C0704B41 + 5683FEE8 C0705041 + 5683FEE8 A07058FE + 64EBFD77 C0705041 + 64EDFD77 0000E800 + 997E1141 C0705041 + 99781141 000046FF + 988E1141 c0705041 + 98881141 0000E800 + C76CECE0 C0705041 + C76CECE0 A07058FE
No Line Tension Lake EagleEA3E7333 C0707041 + EA387333 00000000 + 6BDBFD55 C0707041 + 6BDDFD55 00000000
Press Y For Quick Reel Lake Eagle664BFAF5 A0704DDE + 674DFCFD 00000000
This Code Must Be Last245EECA9
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