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Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness

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Sound test

For a sound test, attain at least 14 positions on the high score screen. Pause the game to access the "Sound Test" option.

Music player

To enable the "Music Player" option, collect at least 9 gold clocks. The "Music Player" option can be accessed at the stage entrance screen.

Movie player

To enable the "Movie Player option, collect at least 70 gold stars. The "Movie Player" option can be accessed at the stage entrance screen. The "Sound test" and "Music player" options will also be unlocked.

Extra multi-player map

For an extra multi-player map, reach the Pier Pressure bonus round (after Year Of The Pac) and get a score of 50 000 or more. A message at the results screen will confirm that a new map has been unlocked. Save the game, quit the game and go to "Multiplayer" option on the main menu and you should find the new map.

CodeBreaker codes

This cheat requires the CodeBreaker cheat device.

Unlimited Health012405C0 000000FF
Unlimited Lives0123ED08 00000005
Have All Pac-Dots051E3438 8C2405C2 00000002
Maximum Score02241C74 0098967F
Have All Fruit0423ECE2 00040001 00010001
Have All Keys0423ECF0 00030001 00010001
Unlock All Levels0423ED38 00160004 01010101
Have All Gems0223EECC 01010101
Have Cherry0123ECE2 00000001
Have Strawberry0123ECE4 00000001
Have Peach0123ECE6 00000001
Have Pretzel0123ECE8 00000001
Have Apple0123ECEA 00000001
Have Pear0123ECEC 00000001
Have Banana0123ECEE 00000001
Have Gold Key0123ECF0 00000001
Have Red Key0123ECF2 00000001
Have Blue Key0123ECF4 00000001
Have Green Key0123ECF6 00000001
Have Purple Key0123ECF8 00000001
Score Modifier (adjust ???? to suit score)01241C74 0000????
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