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CodeBreaker codes

This cheat requires the CodeBreaker cheat device.

Unlimited Shield (all Levels)010C4EDA 00000009
Unlimited Health (all Levels-Enemies Too)01021050 00000009
Unlimited N-Tech (Energy All Levels)0116E706 00000009
Unlimited Laser Ammo (all Levels)010C4B7C 00000009
Junkyard A - Unlimited N-Tech Energy016E6054 00000078
Junkyard A - Unlimited Health016E6060 000000C8
Junkyard A - Unlimited Shield016E6050 00000032
Junkyard A - Unlimited Laser Ammo016DC848 0000001E
Junkyard B - Unlimited N-Tech Energy01721A04 00000078
Junkyard B - Unlimited Health01721A10 000000C8
Junkyard B - Unlimited Shield01721A00 00000032
Junkyard B - Unlimited Laser Ammo017178F8 0000001E
Junkyard C - Unlimited N-Tech Energy016FEDF4 00000078
Junkyard C - Unlimited Health016FEE00 000000C8
Junkyard C - Unlimited Shield01721A00 00000032
Junkyard C - Unlimited Laser Ammo016F5188 0000001E
Junkyard D - Unlimited N-Tech Energy0170C384 00000078
Junkyard D - Unlimited Health0170C390 000000C8
Junkyard D - Unlimited Shield0170C380 00000032
Junkyard D - Unlimited Laser Ammo01702728 0000001E
Dockyards A - Unlimited N-Tech Energy01749ADC 00000078
Dockyards A - Unlimited Health01749AE8 000000C8
Dockyards A - Unlimited Shield01749AD8 00000032
Dockyards A - Unlimited Laser Ammo0173FEE8 0000001E
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