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Cheat mode

For cheat mode, press Start after loading the game to display the main menu, then press Up, Down, Left, Right, X, Up, Down, Left, Right, then Y to display cheat options that include level select, unlimited lives, unlimited shields, and more.

Arctic level: Man on toilet

In Arctic level (the second mission) in the first phase where you start with the hovertank, turn right slightly until you see a pad/chopper. Go to the pad/chopper and, when you're in front of it, turn right slightly until you see a light bulb-shaped radar. Destroy the radar and go to where it used to be, then turn right slightly to see two portable toilets. Shoot them to see a man on the toilet, reading a newspaper.

Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX codes

This cheat requires the Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX cheat device.

Unlimited Lives5B6F6160 00002000
High Score425A0157 0000FFFF

CodeBreaker codes

This cheat requires the CodeBreaker cheat device.

Unlimited Lives0140E3FA 00002000
Score Modifier (adjust ???? to suit score)01624784 0000????
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