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Gundam Side Story 0079: Rise from the Ashes

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Extra options

For extra options, press A, B, X, Y and Start together at the main menu. Alternatively, successfully complete the game under any difficulty setting. The extra options contain battle records of your levels and power up items. The power up items are as follows: Beam Spray-Gun, Hi-Power Generator, Photo 1, Proto Beam Rifle, Photo 2, Lunar Titanium, Photo 3, and a Beam Rifle. The photos appear pinned up inside your Gundam or mobile suit.

Hint: Level 8: Break into heavily protected enemy base

To break into the heavily protected enemy base on level 8, go around to the left side of the base until you see a steel wall. Keep blasting at the wall until it catches fire and collapses. Go in, and a conveyor belt will take you down to four power generators which you can destroy.

CodeBreaker codes

This cheat requires the CodeBreaker cheat device.

All levels - Unlimited Armour01108E7C 00000009 01109104 00000009
All levels - Unlimited Ammo (Primary Weapon)01107780 00000009
All levels - Extra Ammo (Primary Weapon)0010777E 00000001
All levels - Low Heat011073CC 00000009 0110744A 00000009
All levels - Low Barrel Heat01107992 00000009
All levels - Unlimited Ammo (Special)01107916 00000009
All levels - Extra Ammo (Special)00107914 00000001
Level 1 - Unlimited Armour01776268 00000384
Level 1 - Unlimited Ammo Primary01776564 00000063
Level 1 - Unlimited Ammo Special01776568 00000063
Level 1 - Low Heat0177655C 00000000
Level 1 - Low Barrel Heat01776566 00000000
Level 2 - Unlimited Armour01830C48 00000384
Level 2 - Unlimited Ammo Primary01830F44 00000063
Level 2 - Unlimited Ammo Special01830F48 00000063
Level 2 - Low Heat01830F3C 00000000
Level 2 - Low Barrel Heat01830F46 00000000
Level 9 - Unlimited Ammo Primary019326C4 00000063
Level 9 - Unlimited Ammo Special019326C8 00000063
Level 9 - Low Heat019326BC 00000000
Level 9 - Low Barrel Heat019326C6 00000000
Level 9 - Unlimited Armour019323C8 00000384
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