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Giga Wing 2

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Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX codes

This cheat requires the Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX cheat device.

This code must be First9C5D88F8
This code must be Last245EECA9
All Gallery PicsC6D864E0 E0703041 + 9721AE1E + 862C69BF 0000FFFF
All Score Attack Stages85CC69B5 00000006
All Secret OptionsD8AA8864 0000FFFF
Maximum Score MultiplierFD948801 0000FFFF + 78B300B0 0000FFFF
Player 1 Unlimited Bombs86CC4B70 00000003
Player 1 Unlimited Lives656DD7B8 00000003
Player 2 Unlimited Bombs9B883B8E 00000003
Player 2 Unlimited LivesA5CDD0E2 00000003
Player 3 Unlimited BombsEC6859C2 00000003
Player 3 Unlimited LivesFBF48800 00000003
Player 4 Unlimited Bombs2E1DD6B8 00000003
Player 4 Unlimited Lives386E9E58 00000003
Unlock All ShipsF794886F 000003E0

CodeBreaker codes

This cheat requires the CodeBreaker cheat device.

Player 1 Unlimited Lives0164232C 00000003
Player 1 Unlimited Bombs0164233C 00000003
Player 2 Unlimited Lives01642330 00000003
Player 2 Unlimited Bombs01642340 00000003
Player 3 Unlimited Lives01642334 00000003
Player 3 Unlimited Bombs01642344 00000003
Player 4 Unlimited Lives01642338 00000003
Player 4 Unlimited Bombs01642348 00000003
Maximum Score Multiplier016421F8 0000FFFF 01642278 0000FFFF
Unlock All Ships0164FCB8 000003E0
All Gallery Pics0421BD14 00030001 FFFFFFFF 0121BD20 0000FFFF
All Secret Options0121BD24 0000FFFF
All Score Attack Stages0121A95C 00000006

CodeBreaker codes (Japanese version)

This cheat requires the CodeBreaker cheat device.

Player 1 Unlimited Lives0064232C 00000003
Player 1 Unlimited Force Bombs0064233C 00000003
Player 2 Unlimited Lives00642330 00000003
Player 2 Unlimited Force Bombs00642340 00000003
Player 3 Unlimited Lives00642334 00000003
Player 3 Unlimited Force Bombs00642344 00000003
Player 4 Unlimited Lives00642338 00000003
Player 4 Unlimited Force Bombs00642348 00000003
Hella Score Multiplier016421F8 0000FFFF 01642278 0000FFFF
Have All Gallery Pics0421C114 00030001 FFFFFFFF 0121C120 0000FFFF
All Stages Unlocked (Score Attack)0021AD5C 00000006
Unlock All Secret Options0021C124 000000FF
Unlock All Ships0164FCB8 000003E0
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