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Giant Gram: All Japan Pro Wrestling 2 in Nippon Budokan

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Play as Diablo, Grace, and Tiger

To play as Diablo, Grace and Tiger, successfully complete tournament mode. You will face one of the hidden wrestlers in a match. Defeat that wrestler to unlock that character as selectable. Save the game and repeat tournament mode to face the next hidden wrestler.

Play as Hyper

To play as Hyper, successfully complete tournament mode as all fifteen normal and three hidden wrestlers.

Alternative Virtua Fighter costumes

To enable Wolf, Jeffry, or Kage's Virtua Fighter 3tb two-player mode costumes, highlight one of these characters at the character selection screen.and hold R and press A.


For taunts, press L or R during a match.

Alternative camera views

For alternative camera views, press L or R while in watch mode.

Full pause screen

To remove the text from the pause screen, pause the game and press Y and X together.

Wrestler weaknesses

The following wrestlers have weaknesses that result in 20-35% damage on the first hit of their weak body parts. All these weaknesses can be seen on the wrestler's image on the VMU display, as can any normal damage that is done throughout the game.

Misawa MitsuharuLeft leg and head
Kobashi KentaRight arm
Kawada ToshiakiRight leg
Akiyama JunHead and back
VaderLeft leg
Hase HiroshiBack
Stan HansenLeft arm
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