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Super Speed mode

For Super Speed mode, complete championship mode once. The game will remove mirrors in the cockpit view and twenty cars to increase the frame rate to 60 fps.

Bonus pace cars

To unlock the Acura NSX, BMW M3, Toyota Celica, and Toyota T100 pace cars, complete championship mode four times.

Bonus camera angle

To unlock a far top view camera angle, complete championship mode once and finish in first place.

Drive as S. Hattori

To drive as S. Hattori, a bonus Japanese driver that is not ranked in the CART-Season or with a Team, complete championship mode once.

Rainy weather

For rainy weather, hold L, R and Down immediately after selecting a track in arcade mode. Continue to hold the buttons until the track completes loading.

Weather never changes

To make the weather stay the same, hold L, R and Up immediately after selecting a track in arcade mode. Continue to hold the buttons until the track completes loading.

CodeBreaker codes

This cheat requires the CodeBreaker cheat device.

Points Modifier-A.Zanardi (adjust ???? to suit points)011C4730 0000????
Points Modifier-AlUnserJr.(adjust ???? to suit points)011C4734 0000????
Points Modifier-A.Ribeiro(adjust ???? to suit points)011C4738 0000????
Points Modifier-GdeFerran(adjust ???? to suit points)011C473C 0000????
Points Modifier-C.Haas(adjust ???? to suit points)011C4740 0000????
Points Modifier-B.Rahal(adjust ???? to suit points)011C4744 0000????
Points Modifier-B.Herta(adjust ???? to suit points)011C4748 0000????
Points Modifier-JJLehto(adjust ???? to suit points)011C474C 0000????
Points Modifier-R.Hearn(adjust ???? to suit points)011C4750 0000????
Points Modifier-C.Fittipaldi(adjust ???? to suit points)011C4754 0000????
Points Modifier-J.Vasser(adjust ???? to suit points)011C4758 0000????
Points Modifier-H.C.Neves(adjust ???? to suit points)011C475C 0000????
Points Modifier-M.Gugelmin(adjust ???? to suit points)011C4760 0000????
Points Modifier-M.Blundell(adjust ???? to suit points)011C4764 0000????
Points Modifier-M.JourdainJr.(adjust ???? to suit points)011C4768 0000????
Points Modifier-S.Pruett(adjust ???? to suit points)011C476C 0000????
Points Modifier-T.Kanaan(adjust ???? to suit points)011C4770 0000????
Points Modifier-H.Matsushita(adjust ???? to suit points)011C4774 0000????
Points Modifier-M.Papis(adjust ???? to suit points)011C4778 0000????
Points Modifier-P.Tracy(adjust ???? to suit points)011C477C 0000????
Points Modifier-D.Franchitti(adjust ???? to suit points)011C4780 0000????
Points Modifier-P.Carpentier(adjust ???? to suit points)011C4784 0000????
Points Modifier-A.Barron(adjust ???? to suit points)011C4788 0000????
Points Modifier-A.Fernadez(adjust ???? to suit points)011C478C 0000????
Points Modifier-A.Meier(adjust ???? to suit points)011C4790 0000????
Points Modifier-PJJones(adjust ???? to suit points)011C4794 0000????
Points Modifier-G.Moore(adjust ???? to suit points)011C4798 0000????
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