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CodeBreaker codes (Japanese version)

This cheat requires the CodeBreaker cheat device.

Unlock All Wrestlers - New Japan02355BD4 001E001D 02355BD8 00130000 02355BDC 00010014 02355BE0 00080007 02355BE4 00160015 02355BE8 001F0002 02355BEC 00060020 02355BF0 00040005 02355BF4 000B0003 02355BF8 000A0019 02355BFC 001B0009 02355C00 001C001A 02355C04 00C30017 02355C08 00210018 02355C0C 00230022 02355C10 0024000C 02355C14 000E000D 02355C18 0011000F 02355C1C 00120010 02355C20 FFFF0025
Unlock All Wrestlers - All Japan02355F54 003F0000 02355F58 00640040 02355F5C 002B0028 02355F60 0041003D 02355F64 00420032 02355F68 00430034 02355F6C 00350044 02355F70 00390036 02355F74 00380037 02355F78 FFFF003A
Unlock All Wrestlers - Michinoku023569E4 FFFF0055
Unlock All Wrestlers - Toryumon02356D5C 005B0000 02356D60 00700057 02356D64 00590056 02356D68 0058005A 02356D6C 0000FFFF
Unlock All Wrestlers - FREE023577E4 00650076 023577E8 006600B9 023577EC 006A0067 023577F0 00690068 023577F4 006B006D 023577F8 0090006C 023577FC 00720071 02357800 00740073 02357804 00620075 02357808 006F00B4 0235780C 00540053 02357810 0000FFFF
Unlock All Wrestlers - WWF02357B64 008B0000 02357B68 00790077 02357B6C 007A0078 02357B70 008D008C 02357B74 007B007C 02357B78 007F0082 02357B7C 00880087 02357B80 0089008E 02357B84 FFFF008A
Unlock All Wrestlers - WCW02357EE8 008F0091 02357EEC 009700A0 02357EF0 009A0099 02357EF4 00920093 02357EF8 009B0094 02357EFC 00980095 02357F00 009C0096 02357F04 009D00DB 02357F08 009F009E 02357F0C 0000FFFF
Unlock All Wrestlers - Triple A02358268 00A50000 0235826C 00A100A4 02358270 00A300A2 02358274 0000FFFF
Unlock All Wrestlers - RINGS023585EC 00A600AC 023585F0 00A700A8 023585F4 00AA00A9 023585F8 FFFF00AB
Unlock All Wrestlers - Pancrase0235896C 00AD0000 02358970 00AF00AE 02358974 FFFF00B0
Unlock All Wrestlers - Pride & K-102359080 00BE00C8 02359084 00C200C1 02359088 00C000BF 0235908C 00C4007D 02359090 00C600C5 02359094 FFFF00C7
Unlock All Wrestlers - Joshi Puro023593F4 00C900D3 023593F8 00CC00CA 023593FC 00CD00D1 02359400 00D000CB 02359404 00CF00CE 02359408 FFFF00D2
Unlock All Wrestlers - Legend02359778 00D600D5 0235977C 0000FFFF
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