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Evolution: The World of Sacred Device

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Bypass dialogue

To bypass dialogue, press B before a move is made during a battle.

Alternative costumes

For alternative costumes, press X at the character selection screen.

Double attack

To give your characters two attacks in a row, attack a monster from behind.

Extra money

For extra money, successfully complete the game and save it, then load the saved game. You will start with more money.

Save money

To save money when you have another character and you get to the final floor, switch to Gre and defeat the boss. Gre also has the power to make the boss wait longer.

Unlimited Naolin Gold

For unlimited Naolin Gold, find the room with a soldier lying on the bed on the carrier where you fight Eugene. The window on the door has a red cross on it. Approach the shelf towards the back of the room and you will get a Naolin Gold each time that you talk to it.

Hint: Spray parts

To get the spray parts, go to the Shade Ruins.

Hint: Hammer parts

To get the hammer parts, go to the Sheol Ruins.

Hint: Easiest cave

The easiest cave to go to is the Shadow Ruins.

Hint: Defeating Eugene's second form

To defeat Eugene on his ship (near the end of the game) when he is in tank form, bring Pepper Box and Gre Nade along in your party. Equip Pepper's "Bullet parts", have at least four Green Mosses or Cosmo Fruits, and be at least level 75 for each character. Use Pepper Box as the main attacker in the battle, with her "Pepper Flash" attack. Use Mag as the main healer attacker with his "Recovery and Hand parts". Use Gre Nade to give Pepper Box the Green Mosses or Cosmo Fruits after she uses "Pepper Flash". If Eugene is still alive and you run out of FP for Pepper and you have no more Green Mosses or Cosmo Fruits, use Mag to attack with the "Magna Rave" attack. Gre could also be used as the attacker with Lightning Spirit. Before doing that, use Mag's Spray Parts to reduce the amount of FP for the attack. Also use Chain to attack. First, power him up with battle parts. Another option is to have Mag, Pepper, and Gre in the battle. You must be at level 50 and Pepper must know Flat Shot. Have Mag and Gre attack while Pepper uses Flat Shot at least four times to lower damage and attack. Also use Mag as healer most of the time, and have him use his strongest attacks.

Hint: Rock Cyframe

You can find the Rock Cyframe in the southern parts of the Ruin at the south. This is the best Cyframe part Mag.

Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX codes

This cheat requires the Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX cheat device.

This code must be First9C5D88F8
This code must be Last245EECA9
Maximum HP Linear34CF4D90 270F270F
Quick Level Gain LinearA96D832A 0000FFFF
Maximum FP Linear7EF2D378 270F270F
Maximum TP LinearD72AF963 0000270F
Maximum HP Mag3CCF4DAC 270F270F
Quick Level Gain MagA16D8316 0000FFFF
Maximum FP Mag76F2D344 270F270F
Maximum TP MagDF2AF95F 0000270F
Unlimited CashC0CAE530 000000FF

Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX codes (UK version)

This cheat requires the Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX cheat device.

Unlimited Cash76B5DDC1 0000FFFF + AF6B5F52 0000FFFF
Have No DebtsBF86344E 00000000 + EF2F1657 00000000
Mag Launcher Unlimited HP4272293A 0000270F + 1AB42062 0000270F
Linear Unlimited HPC1CBD0F4 0000270F + F0B1A18A 0000270F
Linear Unlimited Magic3B1112BD 0000270F + 66335DBB 0000270F
Chain Unlimited HPC5CBD0FE 0000270F + F4B1A180 0000270F
Chain Unlimited Magic420A28DC 0000270F

CodeBreaker codes

This cheat requires the CodeBreaker cheat device.

Unlimited Money012332CC 0000FFFF

CodeBreaker codes (Japanese version)

This cheat requires the CodeBreaker cheat device.

Unlimited Money01221DD6 000000FF
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