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El Dorado Gate Volume 3

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Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX codes (Japanese version)

This cheat requires the Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX cheat device.

This code must be First9C5D88F8
This code must be Last245EECA9
Unlimited Cash6CEC683A 05F5E0FF
Unlimited HP Gomez5955EBB2 0000270F + 2C9DE930 0000270F
Maximum Stats Gomez5845EBB2 000003E7 + 7392BF38 03E703E7
Unlimited HP Elishin282DE930 0000270F + F924B788 0000270F
Maximum Stats Elishin67ADE830 000003E7 + 1714078A 03E703E7
Unlimited HP RadiaDEAA9523 0000270F + A26DEF6A 0000270F
Maximum Stats RadiaDFBA9523 000003E7 + DFCB1523 03E703E7
Unlimited HP Ein7AA33F3B 0000270F + 4D5AC6A2 0000270F
Maximum Stats Ein6CEC6833 03E703E7 + 90880405 000003E7

CodeBreaker codes (Japanese version)

This cheat requires the CodeBreaker cheat device.

Unlimited Money021B261C 05F5E0FF
Unlimited HP Gomez011B3338 0000270F 011B3318 0000270F
Maximum Stats Gomez011B331A 000003E7 021B331C 03E703E7
Unlimited HP Elishin011B338E 0000270F 011B336E 0000270F
Maximum Stats Elishin011B3374 000003E7 021B3370 03E703E7
Unlimited HP Radia011B33E4 0000270F 011B33C4 0000270F
Maximum Stats Radia011B33C6 000003E7 021B33C8 03E703E7
Unlimited HP Ein011B343A 0000270F 011B341A 0000270F
Maximum Stats Ein021B341C 03E703E7 011B3420 000003E7
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