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Dynamite Cop

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Unlimited ammunition (Japanese version):

For unlimited ammunition, pause the game and press L, A, B and Y together.

Tranquilizer gun mini-game

For the tranquilizer gun mini-game, successfully complete the game one time.

Bonus missions

To unlock three additional missions, successfully complete missions 1, 2, and 3 without using all continues. This also allows unlimited credits for the tranquilizer gun mini-game. Mission 4 is based on mission 1 with a single life, double damage weapons, and no continues. Mission 5 is based on mission 2 with a time limit in each room and no continues. Mission 6 is based on mission 3, with very little health, few health power-ups, no other power-ups, and no continues.

Play as Cindy Holiday

To play as Cindy Holiday, integrate the detonator pack, then highlight Jean at the character selection screen and hold Start.

Play as the Monkey

To play as the Monkey, successfully complete missions 4, 5, and 6. The Monkey fights similarly to Bruno.

Play as original Bruno

To play as the original Bruno from "Die Hard Arcade", collect all illustrations in the game.


For extras, you will require the "Dreamcast Web Browser". Load the web browser and enter Sega's Dreamcast Network. Enter the Games/Downloads/Game Extras area and download the "Dynamite Cop Detonator Pack" on a VMU that contains a saved file from the game. Start the game and enter the option menu. Select the "Detonator Pack" and choose to combine the Detonator Pack with your existing saved game file. The following extras will then be unlocked:

Hint: Arresting enemies

In order to arrest someone, you must have a pistol (not a machine gun). The person you are arresting must be weaponless. Get behind the person and press X. That should make the cop say "Freeze". Immediately press X again to avoid getting kicked. If done correctly the person should be crawling on his/her knees with his/her hands behind their backs. Note: You cannot arrest someone important such as the big "crab" guys or a baker. The only people that can be arrested are most of the regular people.

CodeBreaker codes

This cheat requires the CodeBreaker cheat device.

Unlimited Credits01368920 00000009
Unlimited Health for Player 10136506A 00000080
All Power Ups for Player 101366574 00000005
Score Modifier for Player 1 (adjust ???? to suit score)0136659C 0000????
Maximum Score for Player 10236659C 05F5E0FF
Unlimited Health for Player 201366686 00000070
All Power Ups for Player 201367B90 00000005
Score Modifier for Player 2 (adjust ???? to suit score)01367BB8 0000????
Maximum Score for Player 202367BB8 05F5E0FF
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