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Dead or Alive 2: Limited Edition

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CodeBreaker codes (Japanese version)

This cheat requires the CodeBreaker cheat device.

Player 1 Unlimited Health012376D8 000000F0
Player 1 75% Health0D2376D8 000000F0 012376D8 000000B4
Player 1 50% Health0D2376D8 000000F0 012376D8 00000078
Player 1 25% Health0D2376D8 000000F0 012376D8 0000003C
Player 1 1-Hit Death0D2376D8 000000F0 012376D8 00000001
Player 1 Instant Death012376D8 00000000
Player 2 Unlimited Health01237740 000000F0
Player 2 75% Health0D237740 000000F0 01237740 000000B4
Player 2 50% Health0D237740 000000F0 01237740 00000078
Player 2 25% Health0D237740 000000F0 01237740 0000003C
Player 2 1-Hit Death0D237740 000000F0 01237740 00000001
Player 2 Instant Death01237740 00000000
Unlock All Characters01239CEA 00000101
Unlock All Outfits01239CEE 0000FFFF 04239CF0 00030001 FFFFFFFF
Enable CG Gallery01239CEC 00000563
Unlock Tengu00239CEA 00000001
Unlock Bayman00239CEB 00000001
All Outfits Zack00239CEE 000000FF
All Outfits Tina00239CEF 000000FF
All Outfits Jann-Lee00239CF0 000000FF
All Outfits Ein00239CF1 000000FF
All Outfits Hayabusa00239CF2 000000FF
All Outfits Kasumi00239CF3 000000FF
All Outfits Gen-FU00239CF4 000000FF
All Outfits Helena00239CF5 000000FF
All Outfits Leon00239CF6 000000FF
All Outfits Bass00239CF7 000000FF
All Outfits Lei-Fang00239CF8 000000FF
All Outfits Ayane00239CF9 000000FF
All Outfits Tengu00239CFA 000000FF
All Outfits Bayman00239CFB 000000FF
Players Can Select The Same Costume0D02AA36 00016323 0102AA36 00000009
Hit Anywhere (Both Players)0106BB98 0000E001
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