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All weapons

For all weapons, press and hold R and L (in order) and press Y, B, Left, Right, B, then Y at the options screen. Alternatively, successfully complete the game in less than five hours and save the game. Start a new game with the saved game file to begin with all weapons with nine rounds of ammunition (only Eliot will have all of the weapons).

Unlimited secret remote bombs (Japanese version)

For unlimited secret remote bombs, press X, Y, A, R, Start, L, then Start at the Blue Stinger title screen.

Hidden artwork

To find hidden files, place the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive. .BMP images and two .WAV audio voice samples are in the "omake" directory.


To become nearly invincible, successfully complete and then save it. Start a new game with the saved game file to have 200 Hassy Drinks (100 small and 100 large) in the inventory. This should allow the game to be played with near-invincibility, and the additional bonus of not having to buy any other health items. Additionally, any money left from the last game will still be available in the new game.

Heat-seeking ray gun

To receive a heat-seeking ray gun, successfully complete the game twice. This gun is not available in any shop or vending-machine. It fires four heat-seeking lasers.

Mad Mode

For Mad Mode, successfully complete the game three times and save the game. Start a new game with the saved game file. The phrase "Mad Mode" will appear next to the health bar. In this mode 200 Hassy Drinks, all weapons (including the ray gun), and full ammunition will be available.

Swimmer mode

For swimmer mode, successfully complete the game twice and save the cleared game to a VMU. On the third time through the game, do not save the elevator worker or Devlin, do not win the girl big gailey in the arcade, and do not talk to the doctor in the labs. Have Elliot drink at least five cups of the "free water" in the labs, then complete the game and save it. The character's normal clothes will be replaced by swimsuits.

Big eyes mode

For big eyes mode, successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting.

Protecting Janine

Before climbing the tower at the end of the game, make sure that you have the gatling gun with at least three rounds of ammunition. When the chrome monsters appear, change your character to Dogs. Stand close to Janine and centre yourself on the screen. Dogs will automatically aim, so shoot short bursts whenever you see a monster. The gatling gun does not take time to reload so this should occupy the four minutes.

Lab card password

To enter the lab, enter 0513 as the password.

Bank card passwords

Enter one of the following passwords for the indicated bank card at the Bank Of Kimra (across the street from Rat's Place) to receive the corresponding funds.

Bank cardMoneyPassword

Hint: Free small Hassy drink

To get a free small Hassy drink, move toward the first door until Dogs appears behind Eliot at the start of the game. When the intermission sequence ends, return to the starting point and there will be a small Hassy drink sitting where Dogs was standing.

Hint: Free Metal Bat

For a free Metal Bat, go to the area where Shuttle A is docked at the start of the game. Directly across is a humanoid and two birds on crates. Take the three out and climb onto the boxes. Climb down, and you will get a Metal Bat and Hassy Long.

Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX codes

This cheat requires the Action Replay CDX/GameShark CDX cheat device.

This code must be First9C5D88F8
This code must be Last245EECA9
Unlimited Cash4C4B595D 05F5E0FF
Unlimited Health EliotB21FDDF6 00000032
Unlimited Health DogE01879B5 00000032
Unlimited Pistol Ammo95481BF9 0000000F
Unlimited Arrows Dog7EE320C7 00000006

CodeBreaker codes

This cheat requires the CodeBreaker cheat device.

Have Car Key0024FA0F 00000001
Have Jacob's Safe Key0024FA0E 00000001
Have Clone Room Key0024FA0D 00000001
Have Plant Card0024FA0C 00000001
Have Tank Card0024FA0B 00000001
Have Pasta0024FA0A 00000001
Have Steak0024FA09 00000001
Have Sushi0024FA08 00000001
Have Santa Suit0024FA07 00000001
Have Game Token0024FA06 00000001
Have Stair Key0024FA05 00000001
Have Bermuda ATM Card0024FA04 00000001
Have Yucatan ATM Card0024FA03 00000001
Have Kimra Bank Card0024FA02 00000001
Have Jacob's Disk0024FA01 00000001
Have Chris' ID Card0024FA00 00000001
Have Small Hassy0024F9FF 00000002
Have Large Hassy0024F9FE 00000002
Have Sandwich0024F9FD 00000002
Have Hot Dog0024F9FC 00000002
Have Hamburger0024F9FB 00000002
Unlimited Pistol Ammo0124FB9C 0000000F
Unlimited Money0124F93C 0000FFFF
Eliot Has Ray Gun0024F998 00000001
Eliot Has Laser Gun0024F997 00000001
Eliot Has Acid Gun0024F996 00000001
Eliot Has Napalm Gun0024F995 00000001
Eliot Has Shotgun0024F994 00000001
Eliot Has Bazooka0024F993 00000001
Eliot Has Plasma Gun0024F992 00000001
Eliot Has Handgun0024F991 00000001
Eliot Has Unlimited Health0124FBCC 00000038
Dogs Has Unlimited Health0124FBCE 00000038
Dogs Has Unlimited Arrows0124FBB6 00000006

CodeBreaker codes (Japanese version)

This cheat requires the CodeBreaker cheat device.

Unlimited Cash0224CA38 05F5E0FF
Unlimited Health Eliot0124CCC8 00000032
Unlimited Health Dog0124CCCA 00000032
Unlimited Pistol Ammo0124CC98 0000000F
Unlimited Arrows Dog0124CCB2 00000006
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