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In-game reset

To reset the game, press A, B, X, Y and Start together during game play.

Unlimited lives

For unlimited lives, hold Start on controller C and press A, B, A, B, Up, then Down on controller D at the title screen.

Continue game play

To continue playing, press Start on controller B immediately after your last ship explodes. Then, have player 2 quit the game and player 1 will be able to continue.

Hint: Easy credits

When you finish escorting a ship to its destination, stay with it after you are paid. The ship and the others will destroy enemies for you, leaving credits behind. Sometimes, this can result in 200-300 credits before returning home. To get even more credits, reach 500-600 credits, then go to the space station near the "Home" planet. It is located at -300, 710. Enter the space station, then select "Enter Shop" and buy as many "Food Mix" or "Construction Materials" as possible before exiting the station. When leaving the station, look on your radar and you will see another station to the top left (you had to deliver the "Construction Materials" there in one of the missions). Go to that station; it is located at, -3420, 2100. Enter the shop and sell all of the "Food Mix" or "Construction Materials". When you sell them, you will get a 5 credit profit. You can also do this in multi-player mode by having everyone buy the maximum amount of "Food Mix" or "Construction Materials", then go to the station, sell your items and exit, then let one of the other players "Give" you all their "Food Mix" or "Construction Materials".

Hint: Easy experience

Begin game play in an established game, then use the "In-game reset" feature to return to the main menu (press A, B, X, Y and Start together). Create a new name and race. Your new character will have the same experience as the last character after one Armada ship for each level is destroyed. However, you will not have the Ultra Techs or credits from the previous character.

Hint: Unlimited Power Pods

For unlimited power pods, reach level 48.

Hint: Easy experience

For some easy experience, once you are level 12, go up or down from the home planet until the gret smoke turns red. Proceed further up or down and there will be a large number of big armada, ranging from 60 to 75 exp.

Glitch: Stay "Bright"

When you shoot or get shot, you will momentarily turn a brighter colour. To retain this colour for longer, shoot or get shot, then pause the game while bright and select "Return Home". If done correctly, you will remain the brighter colour until you either shoot or get shot. You can enter or exit any structures or planets and still retain the brightness.

Hint: Coordinates to all missions

The following are the coordinates to all 31 missions, in X,Y format.

The Guardian-1400, 2010
Terran Starbase-3400, 2400
Drakken Starbase12420, 7470
Eldred Threat9010, -4430
Broodhome9223, 7634
The Sentinel-9366, 3212
The Life World-9400, 6390
Deathwing-15640, -5070
Vorgan Starbase-12970, -6020
Rock Hammer-21022, -6233
Scarab Starbase-120, -9820
Clawlord-13226, -4998
Death Master-22998, -5327
Anomoly-326, -359
Wormhole-22405, -9641
Marauder Commander-144, -9723
Marauder General-98, -4512
Ice World-14721, -20311
Eldred Starbase13652, -5886
Armada Brain256, -9328
New Armada Threat7455, -14332
Eldred Threat(2)5442, -11002
Drakken Gas Mine Threat22522, 7334
Tentacle Evolution22954, -2886
The Dead Planet8655, -17822
The Gas Planet27421, 3284
The Volcanic Planet22421, 24511
Armada Master-20034, 31022
Armada Overlord-25032, 29878
The Infested Planet-31250, 34280
Armada Emergency Beacon-34123, 36544

Hint: Other locations

The following are the coordinates to other locations, in X,Y format.

Allied Starbase-78, 99
Terran Starbase-3408, 2400
Nomad Starbase2421, 14343
Eldred Starbase13652, -5886
Scarab Starbase-128, -9822
Drakken Starbase12421, 7476
Vorgan Starbase-12989, -5788
Gas Mine Starbase22522, 7334
Secret Starbase-27250, 30780
Extra Base A Starbase-17600, -16300
Extra Base B Starbase12421, 14672
Planet Dead8655, -17822
Planet Desert-22998, -5327
Planet Gas27421, 3284
Planet Ice-14721, -20311
Planet Infested -31250, 34280
Planet Life-9408, 6400
Planet Volcanic22421, 24511

CodeBreaker codes

This cheat requires the CodeBreaker cheat device.

Unlimited Credits01D28EF0 0000FFFF
Unlimited Power Pods01D28F2C 00000003
Quick Level Gain01D28EEE 00000090
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