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Power Punch

For a more powerful punch, hold Start and press Up, Up, Up, then Up at the copyright screen. The screen will flash red and you'll hear a crash sound if the code has worked.

Fight as Kwang

To play as Kwang, press Down, A and B at the Character Selection Screen. You will hear a whistle sound if the code has worked. Kwang is located between Owen Hart and Luna Vachon at the Character Selection Screen.

Same-Wrester Match

For a same-wrestler match, select any wrestler, then enter that wrestler's selection screen. Hold Start and press Up, A and C at the same time to start a same-wrestler match with the selected character. This will only work with 2 players. In a 4-player match, the same wrestler may only be selected twice.

Change Partners

To change partners in a Tag Team Survivor Series game, press C and Z during the match (requires a 6-button controller). You will hear a bell sound if the code has worked. Tag any character to place them on your team.

Edit Wrestler Attributes

To edit the attributes of a wrestler, enter one of the following button combinations simultaneously at the "View Stats" screen. A blue status bar will appear and you'll hear a sound if the code has worked:

WrestlerButton combination
Bret HartDiagonal Down/Left and Start
DieselDown, Start, A and C
DoinkLeft, Start, A and C
KwangDown, A and C
Lex LugerDiagonal Down/Right and Start
Luna VachonDiagonal Up/Right and C
Razor RamonLeft, A and C
Shawn MichaelsDiagonal Down/Left, A and C
UndertakerRight, Start and A
YokozunaUp, A and C
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