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Virtua Fighter

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Extra Options

For additional options, wait until "Press Start" flashes at the opening screen, then sweep the Directional Pad in 3 clockwise Full-Circles. You will hear a punch sound for each successfull sweep. Now, sweep the Directional Pad in 2 anti-clockwise (counter-clockwise) Full-Circles. You will again hear punch sounds for each successful sweep. Press Start and the text "K.O." will appear if the code has worked. Stage select, time, and life bar selections will appear at the bottom of the options screen.

Alternate Costume Colour

To change a character's costume colour, hold Up or Down and press A, B, or C in different combinations at the Character Selection Screen. Press Down and Start for yet another combination.

Dural Mode

For Dural Mode, select Tournament Mode and press Down, Up, Right, A, then Left at the Character Selection Screen.

Fight as Dural

To fight as Dural, select Arcade or Versus Mode and enter the Character Selection Screen. For player 1, highlight Akira and repeatedly press Left, Right until you hear a sound. For player 2, highlight Jacky and repeatedly press Right, Left until you hear a sound. Dural will be selectable to the right of Jacky.

Additional Camera Views

To unlock extra camera angles, highlight the "Camera" selection on the Options Screen and press Right until the "Backside 1P" and "Backside 2P" options appear.

Control Replay Camera

To control the Replay camera, use the Directional Pad to move and A, B or C to change views.

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