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Unlimited Special Weapons

For infinite special weapons, enter the Sound Test selection on the options screen. Highlight sound "4" and repeatedly tap A, B, C. The word "Excellent" will be spoken when a name is entered to confirm correct code entry. This cheat can also be activated by entering your name as SLAYER at the name entry screen.

All opponents are Shocka

To make all opponents Shocka, enter KLUG as your name.

All opponents are Venusiva

To make all opponents Venusiva, enter STARK as your name.

All opponents are Phantom

To make all opponents Phantom, enter GRIGSBY as your name.

All opponents are Nazrac

To make all opponents Nazrac, enter FORD as your name.

Start at Middle Rung

To start at Middle Rung, enter BOATE as your name.

Start at Top Rung

To start at Top Rung, enter SOLDANO as your name.

Start at Finals

To start at Finals, enter KRUSE as your name.

Start at Brk'oth

To start at Brk'oth, enter MITZI as your name.

Start at Venusiva

To start at Venusiva, enter OWEN as your name.

Start at Shocka

To start at Shocka, enter ARVAY as your name.

Start at Phantom

To start at Phantom, enter BEAUMONT as your name.

Unlimited offensive weapons

For infinite offensive weapons, enter PROSSER as your name.

Unlimited defensive power

For infinite defensive power, enter TORRENS as your name.

Fight Bosses

To fight the bosses, enter WARLORDS as your name, then begin a game in Tournament Mode.

View Sauron (from Primal Rage)

On the "Storm Rift" level, locate the area that contains 2 rocks close to a single crack. Destroy the rocks and enter the opening, then attempt to enter the walls in this area until your Mek passes through a false wall to reach a narrow corridor. Move forward and turn right to find Sauron.

Special Meks

To use one of the following Meks, enter the corresponding name.

Assault MekBAKED
Suicide MekPHANTOM
Lurker MekBRK'OTH
Nazrac's MekNAZRAC
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