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Mortal Kombat

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Fight against Reptile

To fight against Reptile, start a single-player game. When you are at "The Pit" stage, win with a Double Flawless Victory and perform a fatality (other than "The Pit" fatality) without blocking. A message will appear on the screen and you can now fight against Reptile. After defeating him you will be given with 1 000 000 points.

Goro glitch

Win Endurance Match 3 with Raiden and hold [Block] when it says to finish him. Continue to hold [Block] until Goro stomps the ground and roars, then release [Block] during the first roar. The background will go dark, and you can go off the screen while still attacking Goro.

Scorpion glitch

When fighting Shang Tsung, get to the corner and wait until your opponent is close enough to sweep, then do a teleport punch. Your opponent will turn and perform a fireball move. Perform a spear move, and when your opponent morphs, the game will need to load each time.

Raiden glitch

During a Mirror match with Raiden, perform a torpedo move just as you are standing up. Raiden will continue using his standing up palette colours.

Finishing the wrong person

Play a single-player game and reach any endurance battle. When the game tells you to finish your second opponent in this battle, throw him/her and step over the dead body of your first opponent. Now, perform a fatality and your fighter will perform the fatality on the first opponent rather than the second. There will be a different result for each of the different fatalities.

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