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Zorgons Revenge

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Infinite Lives

For infinite lives, play the "Space Mission" level when you only have 1 life remaining. Blow up the freighter and destroy yourself at the same time by colliding with an alien or bullet before the "Magic Stone" fully forms. If the "Lives Left" box contains letters or symbols, you now have Infinite lives. Alternately, load the program, then inhibit it's auto-run and enter this POKE for infinite lives: DOKE#836,#EAEA:POKE#838,234:DOKE#855,#EAEA: POKE#857,234:DOKE#98B,#EAEA:POKE#98D,234

Gain bonus and keep life

At the Princess Roz screen after completing a screen, hold the Z key down and keep it held. A bonus will be awarded and you won't lose a life.

Screen Select

Enter one of the following CALLs from Hires Mode to view the corresponding screen:

Spider and LiftCALL#1400
Spaceship and CubeCALL#2800
4-Headed MonsterCALL#3400
Giant Ants and GunsCALL#4600
Mission Select and Play normal gameCALL#07C8
View CreditsCALL#6778

Change number of lives

If you are using Euphoric, dump the memory to disc with F9, then edit the contents of #9616 which contains the number of lives.

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