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Xenon 3

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Infinite Lives

For infinite lives, type POKE#7139,127 before loading the last program.

Extra Shields

For extra shields, type CLOAD to load the game as normal. When GENESIS B is displayed on the status line, turn the computer off then on again. Type CLOAD"":POKE 7139,48 78:CLOAD"" . Ignore the loading error and play the game as normal and you will have up to 78 shields.

Hint: Terra screen

In the Terra screen, play using the keyboard and have a friend keep an eye on the tank shells as they are easy to miss. There's no need to keep track of which species you have caught until only a few species are remaining. If a nuclear missile attacks, give all attention to it.

Hint: Micron and Sumtana screens

The Micron and Sumtana screens are almost identical apart from the number and type of species that have to be penned. Use a joystick for speed, though completion is still achievable with a keyboard. As soon as the screen appears, knock all the gates down that are lying horizontal, then check that there are no direct routes across the screen to the pens. If there are, then close them. Allow a clear route along the top to the last gate so that the animals are forced down around and up in single file in front of the pens. They can then be directed as you wish.

Hint: Xer screen

The Xer screen is is similar to "Centipede". Use the joystick.

Hint: Rundus screen

The Rundus screen is much like the Terra screen but without the tanks. Zap everything in sight until the score reaches 4 or 5.

Hint: Radon screen

In the Radon screen, the mothership sits at the top of the screen launching Kamikaze fighters down the screen in vertical lines. While they may travel slowly, there are many to take care of. Use a joystick to throw your boomerang up into the mother ship's reactor so it explodes.

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