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Wizard Of Akyrz

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Glitch: Display random messages

Load a saved game into any one of the other adventures in the series (i.e. Arrow Of Death Part 1, Arrow Of Death Part 2, Circus, Escape From Pulsar 7, Feasibility Experiment, The Golden Baton, Perseus & Andromeda, Ten Little Indians, Waxworks and Wizard Of Akyrz). This should confuse the interpreter and display a number of messages from within the program. You may be able to gain some useful information from these messages.

Hint: Next location after fox

After saving the fox, FOLLOW FOX to the next location.

Hint: Getting across bridge

At the bridge, you will be carrying a chicken and find a fox and corn. You cannot carry all three across at the same time. If you leave the chicken and fox together, the fox will eat the chicken. If you leave the chicken and corn together, the chicken will eat the corn. You will have to carry these three items over in the following way:

  1. Carry the chicken over then head back
  2. Carry the fox over, leave it and come back carrying the chicken
  3. Cross with the corn, leaving the chicken behind
  4. Collect the chicken and return to have all three items safely over the bridge
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