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Complete solution

E, E, N, D, O, O, O, Ouvr Frig, Pren Tube, E, E, E, M, S, O, N, Pose Tube, E, E, Pren Casq, Mets Casq, O, S, E, Bois Eau, O, N, E, N, M, S, S, O, S, E, N, Pren Bomb, S, O, Pren Glac, O, N, N, N, N, N, E, Pren Lase, E, S, D, S, O, O, Pren Tube, Tube Dans Glac, E, E, N, M, N, O, O, S, S, S, Appu Bleu, Pren Radi, Allu TV, Pose Bomb, Pose Tube, Pose Glac, Acti Bomb, S, Appu Bleu, S, Reti Resp, S, E, E, Appu Manu, O, O, N, N, M, E, E, N, Corr Traj, Allu Ordi, (password is 'Manoir'; write down password for return; other return passwords are ORIC1, ATMOS, GENIE, ECHEC, ARGON), Etei Ordi, S, O, O, D, N, N, N, E, E, S, D, S, O, O, O, S, E, N, D, O, O, Appu Roug, Entr Vais.

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