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Land Of Illusion

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Hint: Accessing the tower

To get through the door and into into the tower, go to the location outside Zed's house, then go North twice and you should find the Elf. SAY HELLO and you will get the cloak. Then, go to the shrine. WEAR CLOAK, TOUCH SHRINE, READ INSCRIPTION. Note the code and then go to the door at the tower. SAY (code you wrote down) and the door will open. Go up the stairs until they come to an end, make sure you are wearing the cloak and EAT MUSHROOMS.

Hint: Lighting the way

TAKE BRANCH from the Overgrown Path and LIGHT BRANCH at the shrine.

Hint: Sailing down the river

To get down the river, go WEST from where you hear the sound of rushing water faintly. Look about and you will find some logs. PUSH LOG and JUMP LOG to sail down river.

Hint: Getting through doors

To get through doors that cannot be opened via normal means, STRIKE DOOR with the sword.

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