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Hint: Moving from Krystal 1 to Krystal 2

The code word to move from Krystal 1 to Krystal 2 is DRON GALO.

Hint: Solving Krystal 2

In Krystal 2, fill the canister with water and fill the tube to get the ring. Put the coin in the slot. Read the scroll to solve the demon problem.

Hint: Solving Krystal 3

In Krystal 3, examine the rubble. Move the rock to find a hole. Break the bottle while holding your breath. Examine the ship. Drink the potion and go through the hole. Select the archway and say the code words DIEE ONRE.

Hint: Solving Krystal 4

In Krystal 4, collect the bow and arrow, then fire at the target for a message and a ruby. Hold the mirror before facing Medusa. By the chasm, rub the lamp.

Hint: Solving Krystal 5

You will need the following items at the start of Krystal 5: Helmet (worn), Amulet (worn), brick and ruby. Tie the rope to the grapnel hook. Insert the sphere in the socket. To get the rope, read the parchment. Throw the rope to the ledge. Wake up by the barrier and insert the brick.

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