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Never die from bullets

Play one game through, then when you are asked to press any key, press Shift and + at the same time

Hint: Killing Grendel

After finding 3 keys and 4 of the 5 weapons, find the red door, which is located just past the Grendel sign and arrows. Shoot the door with the keys until it explodes. Go through and get the fifth weapon which is the one that will kill Grendel.

Hint: Key segment

To get the key segment on the screen with the "King" on the left and six "Faces" on the right, try one of the following 2 solutions:

  1. Get the big gun from the second gun bay as the other gun isn't fast enough for this screen. With this at the ready, enter the screen by dropping into it from the centre of the one above. As you drop, keep as far right as possible, facing right, in the squat position, continuously firing. It is important to kill the first "Face" before it shoots. There are six of these "Faces", so keep firing. Whilst you're blasting away, the "King" is getting ready to shoot you in the back, so after destroying the first two "Faces", stand up and start walking right (still firing) so that you drop onto the lower platform. When the "King" moves up far enough turn to the left, fire a couple of shots and then turn right again to destroy the remaining "Faces". You will then be in a safe position to pick up the key segment. To do this, drop down onto the little step to the left of the key, then creep towards the key until you can pick it up. Then, retrace your steps and go out the way you came in.
  2. Jump up from the passage-way at the bottom of the screen, which achieves the objective but involves sacrificing a life. However, method 1 is risky so this second method may be the safest course of action.

Pokes for spiked face screen

To assist on the screen with the spiked face lying on the ground, which makes it tricky to jump off the lamp post safely, try: POKE#43F7,25 to move the face a little to the right, or POKE#43F9,19 to turn the face into a harmless bush.

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