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Complete solution

The complete solution is: E, E, GET AXE, N, GET OX, SAY BUNYON, SWIM, S, GO HOLE, GET FLINT, U, W (you may get bitten by the chiggers at this location so you will need to GET MUD if this happens), W, GET FRUIT, GET OX, GET AXE, E, CLIMB TREE, GET KEYS, D, CHOP TREE, DROP AXE, GO STUMP, DROP OX, DROP FRUIT, GET LAMP, D, GO HOLE, UNLOCK DOOR, DROP KEYS, GO HALL, LIGHT LAMP (FILL LAMP with the oily slime if the lamp runs out of oil), D, S, GET BLADDER, N, U, U, UNLIGHT LAMP, U, GET RUBIES, U, DROP RUBIES, U, GET GAS, GO STUMP, GET BOTTLE, D, GO HOLE, GO HALL, LIGHT LAMP, D, S, U, DROP BLADDER, LIGHT GAS, GO HOLE, JUMP, YELL, GO THRONE, GET CROWN, W, GET MIRROR, JUMP, W, GET BRICKS, D, N, D, N, W, N, D, DAM LAVA, DROP BRICKS, POUR WATER, U, GET RUG, SAY AWAY (make sure the mud has dropped off), S, GO STUMP, UNLIGHT LAMP, DROP RUG, DROP MIRROR, DROP CROWN, GET RUG, SAY AWAY, LIGHT LAMP, D, GET NET, GET FIRESTONE, U, SAY AWAY (again, make sure the mud has dropped off), E, UNLIGHT LAMP, DROP NET, S, W, GET MUD (you need the mud to survive the bees, if it falls off before you get them then you will need to go back for more), GO STUMP, DROP FIRESTONE, D, GO HOLE, GO HALL, LIGHT LAMP, D, N, N, GET HONEY, CATCH BEES (if the bees die, you'll have to go back for more), SAY AWAY, DROP MUD (if it hasn't already dropped off), SAY AWAY, RELEASE BEES, GET EGGS, S, (the bees may kill you here, so it may take several attempts), GO STUMP, DROP HONEY, DROP RUG, DROP EGGS, UNLIGHT LAMP, RUB LAMP, RUB LAMP, DROP LAMP, U, E, N, GET NET, GET WATER, GET FISH (if they escape, you'll have to go back for more), S, W, GO STUMP, LEAVE FISH, LEAVE NET, SCORE.

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