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Flash Game Codes

Type these codes while playing the Flash game.

30 second bonus in Sutek's Tombscarabaeus
30 second time bonus in suteks tombplzsutekcanihavemoretime
Bigger Mallet in Whack-a-Staff-Membera5paragu5
Creates a 25 points rainbow negg in jelly blobs of doomrainbownegg
Creates a turdle on your opponents sideturdle
Creates a whirlpool in Dubloon DisasterScallywags
Decrease your bloat by 50% in Snowmuncherbuuuurrrrrrrrp
Eat the fishnegg and get 50 free pointsfishnegg
Enter at Mode select screen on DOM 2 for the old game backboohooiwanttheoldgameback
Extra life in Frumballfrumball
Extra Life in Korbat's Labspiderbite
Extra life in Kreludan Mining Corpkreludor
Extra life in Meepit Juice Breakhungrymeepits
Extra life in Warf Rescue Teamtrappedkadoaties
Gets rid of blocks in Faerie Bubblesslumberberry
Gives you a shield in Volcano Runlava
Gives you an extra life in Attack of the Slorgsmarrow
In Destruct-O-Match II lets you play the original version (type on the mode select screen)boohooiwanttheoldgameback
Make all bubbles turn into one typeFaerieBubbles
Makes a blimp float across the screen of mynci beach volleyballdirigibles
More time in Carnival of Terrorcustard
Multiplies your score in Snowmuncher by 100 but it does not stay like thatdieter
One extra letter hint in The Castle of Eliv Thaderehaxtint
Reset the timer in Hasee Bounce (once per game)doughnutfruit
Resets all meepit's timers in Meepit Juice Breakjuice-o-matic
Skip level in Grand Theft Ummagine (but resets your score)ummaginethief
Skip level in frumballkougra
Skip level on Meriball, but resets pointskougra
Skip levels in gourmet club bowlssuperbowl
Sutek's Tomb - Gives hint as to what match to make to line up 3 in a row (Unlimited Use)pyramibread
Turn current bubble in to a Nova Bubble in Faerie Bubblesstardust
Turn current bubble in to a Rainbow bubble in Faerie Bubblesfaerieland
×2 score in Gourmet Food Bowlssheperd

Mootix Drop Codes

Go to one of the Mission Drop screens, where you are shown the mission you're going to do. Press Up, Down, Right, then Left. 4 icons (babaa, syder, mootix, target) will appear in the bottom corner with 3 columns (tight, middle, left). Place the icons in on of the follosing orders to get the corresponding result:

Going To McDonalds Passwords

Choose "Enter Level Code" at the menu to enter one of these codes:

Level 8HB9N7L
Level 92EE2E7
Level 102ECD3L
Level 11E0JKP7
Level 12FM5JMS
Level 135H56GS
Level 14A0I87L
Level 15BEE6RM
Level 16L8E5HQ
Level 17AKOMKS
Level 180KI87L or VFD32G
Level 197DEGNN or 289BII
Level 20H71C7M or C2W72H
Level 21B0EAE4 or 6V959Z

New Going To McDonalds Passwords

Choose "Enter Level Code" at the menu to enter one of these codes:

Level 79FGCIJ
Level 8C64I2G
Level 9X99X92
Level 10X978YG
Level 119VEFK2
Level 12AH0EHN
Level 130C01BN
Level 145VD32G
Level 156991MH
Level 16G390CL
Level 175FJHFN

Tug-O-War Level Passwords

Enter one of the following passwords while playing Tug-O-War to play against the corresponding opponent:


Hidden message

While playing the Jelly Blobs of Doom game, type lots of random text. After a while, a jelly that takes up half the screen will come by with the text "You shouldn't enter random text... you never know what will happen!".

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