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Beatles, The: Rock Band

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"The End" song

To unlock "The End" song, successfully complete Career mode. The song "The End" from Abbey Road will automatically start after the credits, and you can play it. After completing that song, it will be unlocked in the setlist.


Complete the indicated task in Story mode to unlock the corresponding movie in the Story mode Movie gallery.

IntroBegin Story Mode
Chapter 1Complete Chapter 1 in Story mode.
Chapter 2Complete Chapter 2 in Story mode.
Chapter 3Complete Chapter 3 in Story mode.
Chapter 4Complete Chapter 4 in Story mode.
Chapter 5Complete Chapter 5 in Story mode.
Chapter 6Complete Chapter 6 in Story mode.
Chapter 7Complete Chapter 7 in Story mode.
Chapter 8Complete Chapter 8 in Story mode.
OuttroComplete Story mode.


Complete the indicated chapter in Story mode to unlock the corresponding challenge.

The Cavern '631
The Ed Sullivan Show '642
Shea Stadium '653
Budokan '664
Abbey Road '66-'675
Abbey Road '67-'686
Abbey Road '68-'697
Apple Corps Rooftop8


Collect the indicated number of photos to unlock the corresponding secret prize in the "Prizes (Secrets)" gallery in Story mode.

Secret PrizeNumber of photos
The Beatles Christmas Record1
Secret 211
Secret 331
Secret 451
Secret 571
Get Back Promotion Video90

Instrument Icon Plates

Unlock the indicated number of accomplishments to get the corresponding plate.

PlateNumber of accomplishments

Bonus photos

To access bonus photos, quickly press Blue, Yellow, Red, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Blue, Yellow, then Red at the title screen. If using a Wiimote, quickly press 1, 2, B, B, B, 1, 1, 1, 2, then B at the title screen.

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