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Red Alarm

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Bonus Secrets

Virtual Boy and controllerFind the room in level one built from girders where enemies appear from left to right on the floor. Shoot the wall on the left side at the end of the room, just before the exit to the next room. This will reveal a Virtual Boy. Continue to shoot the wall to reveal a controller too.
Mini-houseLocate the room in level one with small figures running around. Kill all enemies, then turn to face the entrance of the room. Shoot the bottom right corner of the wall near the door to reveal a mini house.
KangaroosDestroy the first three enemies in the first room on level two, then turn around and you'll see kangaroos.
Bikini girlLeave the first room on level two and continue moving forward until you see a small hole with a cat. Enter the hole and shoot the lower right wall to reveal the bikini girl.
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