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Wave Race: Blue Storm

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Unlock Weather Conditions

You can unlock the weather conditions in the Time Trial Mode by simply completing the Expert Championship. If you come first, you unlock weather for Expert mode. If you come second you unlock weather for Hard mode. If you come third, you unlock weather for Normal mode. Normally, you would have to race all tracks to achieve this.

Unlock "Try!" Mode

"Try!" mode is a stunt variation of "Dolphin Park" and can be found under Training, but only once you have unlocked it. To unlock this mode, complete all training objectives in Beginner and Master modes. Once you have completed these 100% you'll have access to "Try!" mode.

Secret Tracks

There are three hidden tracks. Use the instructions below to unlock each track:

Track NameInstructions
Cool OceanComplete Championship in Normal mode
Aqua MazeComplete Championship in Hard mode
Victory GateComplete Championship in Expert mode.

Hidden Tournament Option

To access the Tournament mode, go to the Options menu and press X, Z and Start at the same time. The option "Password" will appear. This menu allows you to enter passwords to compete in official time attack challenges.

Fun with the analogue stick

On the load screen, move the Analogue Stick around to see ripples appear in the water. On the start screen you can do the same and the word "Start" will move across the screen and cause ripples.

Turbo Start

You can start off with full turbo if you accelerate as soon as the light turns green. If done correctly, you'll have full turbo right away.

Change costume colours

To change the colours of the costumes, select a racer then press Z to change.

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