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Luigi's Mansion

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Extra Hearts

To get extra hearts in this game, vacuum all the lamps and vases. You will most likely find hearts in the vases and money or health in the lamps.

Warp Zones

You can use any mirror in the mansion as a warp zone (except for the one that reflects invisible ghosts). To do this, switch to your Game Boy Horror's first person mode and examine the mirror by pressing A. You will warp to the entrance hall of Luigi's Mansion.

Mansion with changes

You can play the Ura-Yashiki (Another Mansion) mode once you have finished the game. After you've rescued Mario, you will be ranked with a letter grade. Now, save the game, and you'll have the option if restarting Luigi's two ways. The first lets you go back to playing regular Luigi's Mansion Mode. The second option is the Ura-Yahiki mode which is a mansion with changes.

Gallery Mode

To get access to Gallery Mode, successfully complete the game.

In-Game Reset

To reset, hold B and X and press and hold Start for about 2 seconds.

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