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2002 FIFA World Cup

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All-Americas team

To unlock the All-Americas team in a friendly match, win the World Cup with an North American or South American team .

All-European team

To unlock the All-European team in a friendly match, win the World Cup with an European or Oceania team.

All-Asian team

To unlock the All-Asian team in a friendly match, win the World Cup with an Asian team.

All-African team

To unlock the All-African team in a friendly match, win the World Cup with an African team.

All-World team

To unlock the All-World team in a friendly match, unlock the All-Americas, All-European, All-Asian, and All-African teams. To unlock the All-World team in World Cup mode, win with every single team three times in world class mode without losing a single game.

Hint: Alternative ending music

Play the World Cup on World class mode and use any team except for France. Once you get to the World Cup finals, defeat your opponent with a score of 2-0, 4-2, or 6-4. At the end of the game, the music will have the title screen music blended in.

Hint: Easy goals

For easy goals, aim the arrow as high as it can go and to the middle of the pitch when performing a goal kick. Hold B to have the keeper kick it. While it is still in the air, hold X until the meter gets to the red and hold the Analog-stick in the direction of the goal. if done correctly, the person that the ball goes to should Bicycle Kick it into or near the other team's goal. This works about 75% of the time.

Hint: Easy World Cup win

For an easy World Cup win, pause a match and set the opposing team to be controlled by player 2. Then, just have controller 2 remain idle.

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