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F-Zero: Maximum Velocity

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Unlock Master Difficulty

To use some of the cheats below, you need to play in master difficulty level. To unlock this setting, you need to win the Pawn, Knight and Bishop series under expert difficulty level in grand prix mode. You will then be able to unlock the master difficulty for that series.

Access Dirty Joker

To access Dirty Joker play standard difficulty level and win the Pawn, Knight and Bishop tracks.

Access to Falcon MKII

To access the Falcon MKII, Play expert difficulty level and win any set of tracks.

Access to Fighting Comet

To access the Fighting Comet, play master difficulty level and win the Pawn, Knight and Bishop tracks.

Access to Silver Thunder

To access the Silver Thunder, play expert difficulty level and win the Queen tracks.

Access to Stingray

To access the Stingray, play expert difficulty level and win the Pawn, Knight and Bishop tracks.

In-game reset

To reset the game, press Select, Start, A and B at the same time during the game.

View Demonstration

To view a demonstration, press Select on the title screen.

Delete saved games:

Hold L and R together when you turn on the Game Boy Advance.

Pro Action Replay/Game Shark Codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay/GameShark cheat device.

Activation Code (This code is required so that all other Access to all Vehicles codes will work)E434ECE39154DBB6
3 Turbos-Hot VioletD9D4998F152D4A61
Inf Hlth-Fireball4596CC29E74B1DB2
Inf Hlth-Hot VioletE8B2FD9CBF93C0E4
Inf Hlth-Hot VioletE8B2FD9CBF93C0E4
Inf Hlth-JB CrystalA51D3134FEF37D8C
Inf Hlth-Wind WalkerE8B2FD9CBF93C0E4
Inst Win-FireballEAF0A27A7568AFD0
Inst Win-Hot VioletF9D5FA8EDE5EAB99
Inst Win-JB CrystalFFB6A96FBF6BC388
Inst Win-Wind WalkerF9D5FA8EDE5EAB9
Throttle OpenB502F478D671610C + 99B16610BC598AD8
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