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F-Zero X

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Access to all tracks, ships and difficulty levels

On the mode selection screen, press L, Z, R, C-Up, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right, Start. A chime should sound.

Smaller Racers

On the ship selection screen, hold L, R, C-Up, C-Down, C-Left and C-Right.

Larger Racers

On the ship selection screen, hold L, R, Z, C-Up, C-Down, C-Left and C-Right.

Access to Joker Cup (with six bonus tracks)

Win the Jack, Queen and King Cups on the "Standard" difficulty level.

Access to X-Cup (with six tracks, randomly generated)

Win the Jack, Queen, King, and Joker Cups on the "Expert" difficulty level. You'll also have access to the final row of cars and view the credits.

Master Difficulty Level

Win the Jack, Queen, King, and Joker Cups on all three difficulty levels.

Extremely Hard Master Difficulty Level

To access this level, you must first beat the following times:

StageTime to beat
Mute City1:23:000
Sand Ocean1:15:550
Devil's Forest1:23:000
Big Blue1:35:000
Port Town1:36:000
Sector A1:22:000
Red Canyon1:19:000
Devil's Forest 21:24:200
Mute City 21:19:000
Big Blue 21:07:000
White Land1:40:000
Fire Field1:23:000
Silence 21:35:000
Sector B1:45:000
Red Canyon 21:40:000
White Land 21:13:000
Mute City 31:46:000
Rainbow Road2:11:000
Devil's Forest 31:20:000
Space Plant2:04:000
Sand Ocean1:35:000
Port Town 21:52:700
Big Hand2:27:000

Cause other ships to explode

Use Z and R to spin your ship when another ship is about to collide with yours.

Different Title Screens

If you beat the game on the expert difficulty level the title screen will be in comic book-style. If you beat the game on the master difficulty level the title screen with also look different.

Select Ship Colour

On the statistics screen, select a ship and then press R or Z.


In Mute City 2, Right after you make the third hard turn, you will see a ramp to the left that leads you off track. Fly at it using a booster and you will go over the gap and onto the next strip of tracks. In Rainbow Road, drive off the side of the track and tilt backward at the top of the first drop. You should land more than 10 places ahead. In Sector B, as you are going up the hill near the end, turn left after the wall disappears, then push the Control Stick Up so that your ship lands on the other section of track.

Fall through track

On the second lap in Port Town, use your booster just before the first speed boost. When in the air, turn until you see two signs, then land.

Action Replay/Game Shark Codes

Requires Yoshi Keycode (Refer to manual)

This cheat requires the Action Replay/GameShark cheat device.

Access to everythingDE067000 0000 + 800CD3C8 0001
Always place first with timer at 0'00"00DE067000 0000 + 812C4BC0 0000 + 812C4BC2 0001
Only one lap per raceDE067000 0000 + D02C4BC9 0000 + 812C4BC8 0002 + D02C4BCB 0001 + 812C4BCA 0002
Infinite LivesDE067000 0000 + 800E5ED9 0005
Infinite ShieldDE067000 0000 + 812C4B48 4326 + 812C4B4C 4326
Always have boost powerDE067000 0000 + D02C4DAC 003F + 802C4925 0050
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