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Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

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Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character:

BarryComplete Mission 4-5 with a "B" rank.
ClaireComplete Mission 1-3.
KrauserComplete Mission 3-5.
RebeccaComplete Mission 2-3.
WeskerComplete Mission 5-5.

Alternative costumes

Complete the tasks below to unlock each character's corresponding costume:

Character and CostumeTask
Barry (American)Get 20 medals.
Chris (Pilot)Get 10 medals or earn an "SS" rank on level 1-3.
Claire (Suit)Get 25 medals.
Hunk (Reaper)Earn an "A" rank on all levels except Ex.
Jill (Resident Evil 3)Earn an "S" rank on level 3-5.
Krauser (Exoskaleton)Earn an "S" on level 5-5.
Rebacca (Nurse)Earn an "S" rank on all levels except Ex.
Wesker (Uroboros)Earn at least a "B" rank on all levels.

Make signature weapons available to all

To make a character's signature weapons available for all other characters, earn an "SS" rank using that character on all missions up to mission 5-5. Alternatively, you can spend 10 Nintendo 3DS Play Coins to unlock a character's weapons.

EX missions

To unlock the EX missions, complete mission 5-5 with at "B" or better rank. The EX missions will be available after the credits end.


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding skill:

AdrenalineComplete mission 5-4 with a "B" rank.
BomberComplete mission 5-2 with a "B" rank.
CombatComplete mission 4-2 with an "S" rank.
ExtensionComplete mission 4-1 with an "S" rank.
Full BurstComplete mission EX-6 with a "B" rank.
Giant KillingComplete mission 4-5 with an "S" rank.
Handgun CustomComplete mission EX-1 with a "B" rank.
Handgun TechniqueComplete mission 4-1 with a "B" rank.
Lucky 7Complete mission 5-3 with a "B" rank.
Machine Gun CustomComplete mission EX-2 with a "B" rank.
Machine Gun TechniqueComplete mission 4-3 with a "B" rank.
Magnum TechniqueComplete mission 5-2 with an "S" rank.
MaximizerComplete mission 4-4 with a "B" rank.
MedicComplete mission 1-3 with a "B" rank.
RevengeComplete mission 4-2 with a "B" rank.
ReversalComplete mission 5-4 with an "S" rank.
Rifle TechniqueComplete mission 5-1 with a "B" rank.
Shotgun CustomComplete mission EX-5 with a "B" rank.
Shotgun TechniqueComplete mission 5-1 with an "S" rank.
Smart ReloadComplete mission EX-4 with a "B" rank.
TechnicianComplete mission 5-3 with an "S" rank.
ToughnessEarn the "Like A Phoenix" medal.
Weapon MasterComplete mission EX-8 with a "B" rank.
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