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Legend of Zelda, The: Ocarina of Time 3D

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Boss Challenge mode

Before you talk to the Sheik for the second time on the Time Temple to learn the Prelude Of Light (after growing up), she will tell you that you can rest in your home to replay past battles. This means you can fight any boss at your house after they are first defeated during the story. To unlock the last challenge, which is all bosses in sequence, defeat them all in Boss Challenge mode.

Master Quest

To unlock the Master Quest, successfully complete the game in Normal mode.

Get Epona easily

This will not always work. At the start of either the first or second race, let Ingo get in front of you, then start racing along the outside of the track without speeding up Epona. Eventually you will not hear Ingo whipping his horse anymore, because he disappears. After that, just ride to the finish line. If you do it on the second race, just repeat the process and you will get Epona. You may need to cross the finish line twice on the second race.

Castle Town: Red Rupees

While on the edge of the drawbridge to Castle Town when night falls, the drawbridge will rise with you on it. If you remain on it when the drawbridge is up, you can collect three Red Rupees.

Gerudo's Hideout: Skyward Sword poster

While breaking out of the prison cell after getting captured, jump to the ledge on your left. Defeat the guards and break the wooden boxes. Behind one of the boxes is a poster of Link from Skyward Sword.

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