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Ranma ½: Datō, Ganso Musabetsu Kakutō-ryū!

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Super password

To play the king for the deed to the Tendo house and Ukyou's restaurant, enter FFF as your password. Note: The King must be defeated by fourteen games, with the last two won consecutively.

Debug mode

For debug mode, enter 111 as your password, and press Down, Select and I simultaneously.

Timer mini-game

For the Timer mini-game, enter 222 as your password, and press Down, Select and I simultaneously.

Strange picture

For a strange picture, enter AAA as your password, and press Down, Select and I simultaneously.

Strange animation

For a strange animation, enter 666 as your password. Kunou will destroy the screen and the system will fake a reset.

View animation sequences

To view the animations from the first six parts of the game, enter 012 as your password.

CD-ROM2 animation sequence:

To view a guide about the CD-ROM2 system, enter EEE as your password.

Select duplicate character

To allow both players to be the same character, hold Select when choosing a character in versus mode.

Daydream Tripper credit sequence

For the Daydream Tripper credit sequence, enter C8C as your password.

View Daydream Tripper without credits:

To view the Daydream Tripper sequence without credits, enter 373 as your password.

View development sketches

To view development sketches, enter 982 as your password.

Display Shampoo's menu

To display Shampoo's menu, enter 444 as your password.

Display Ukyou's menu

To display Ukyou's menu, enter CCC as your password.

Level Passwords


Gambler King's Card Battle mini-game

For Gambler King's Card Battle mini-game, enter KKK as your password.
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