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Pachio-Kun: Maboroshi no Densetsu

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99 999 balls

For 99 999 balls, get to just one ball remaining during game play, then press and hold I and Select (in that order) to both shoot that last ball and enter the menu screen. If the last ball was shot as the menu appeared, select the second option and press I. The game will resume and you will lose your last ball. Instead of ending the game, you will return to the front of the machine. Play again to start with 99 999 balls.

Pachinko Parlour select

For a Pachinko Parlour select, press Right, Left, Select, Right, Left, then I at the main menu. A sound will confirm the code has worked. Choose your controller type and start the game. You will be able to select any Pachinko parlor.

Move anywhere on map

To move anywhere on the map, wait until your car appears when selecting your map destination, then hold Select and II. Keep the buttons held as your car stops. You can now move the car anywhere on the map using the Directional Pad.

View the counter girl

Go to the girl behind the counter at a Pachinko parlour and when prompted with a "Yes" or "No" question, hold Down to view her entire body.

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