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Fighting Street

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No hits from opponents

To take no hits from opponents, enable the slow motion switch when using the TurboStick as a controller.

Play as Ken in single-player mode

To play as Ken in single-player mode, start a two-player mode versus match. Allow Ryu to lose and do not continue. Ken will now appear in single player mode.

Cheat mode

Enter one of the following initials at the high score screen and allow the continue timer to expire. Then, hold Left, I and II and press Select at the title screen to activate the corresponding cheat.

Easy special movesEnter .LK as initials. Then, press Toward and Select to throw a fireball, Away and Select to execute a hurricane kick, and Toward to execute an uppercut.
Stage selectionEnter .AS as intials.
Seven creditsEnter .HU as initials.
Enable all cheatsEnter .SD as initials.

Alternative ending

For an alternative ending, successfully complete the game four times in succession, or activate the "Enable all cheats" code and watch the ending four times. Before the credits begin you will watch your character arriving at his or her destination instead of leaving for it.

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