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Gomola Speed

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In-game bomb shooting

To enable in-game bomb shooting, quickly press Up, Down, Left, Right, I, II, I, II, then Select at the title screen.

View ending sequence

To view the ending sequence, quickly press Up, Down, Left, Right, I, II, I, II, Up, Down, Left, Right, I, II, II, I, then Select at the title screen.

Level passwords

2Dragon, Star, Ninja Kid, Dragon, Mutron
3Star, Robot, Mutron, Star, Dragon
4Ninja Kid, Star, Mutron, Dragon, Ninja Kid
5Robot, Ninja Kid, Robot, Star, Dragon
6Robot, Mutron, Star, Robot, Robot
7Robot, Mutron, Star, Mutron, Robot
8Ninja Kid, Robot, Mutron, Dragon, Ninja Kid
9Star, Mutron, Mutron, Robot, Star
10Dragon, Star, Star, Dragon, Robot
11Mutron, Mutron, Mutron, Dragon, Robot
12Mutron, Ninja Kid, Mutron, Dragon, Star
13Star, Robot, Mutron, Mutron, Robot
14Mutron, Robot, Mutron, Mutron, Ninja Kid
15Dragon, Ninja Kid, Ninja Kid, Star, Robot
16Dragon, Star, Ninja Kid, Dragon, Robot
17Star, Dragon, Robot, Ninja Kid, Ninja Kid
18Dragon, Dragon, Ninja Kid, Mutron, Dragon
19Star, Star, Mutron, Robot, Star
20Robot, Ninja Kid, Robot, Star, Robot

Debug menu

To activate the debug menu, quickly press Up, Down, Left, Right, I, II, I, II, Up, Down, Left, Right, I, II, II, I, I, I, II, II, I, II, I, II, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right, then Select at the title screen. Besides the debug options, the following cheat functions can also be performed:

Cheat functionInstructions
Free movementHold Select during game play
Level selectHold Select and I at the Debug menu
Advance frame by framePause the game, then press Select

High level passwords

Enable the Debug menu, then enable the "Full Command" debug option. Exit Debug mode and enter one of the following passwords:

21Mutron, Ninja Kid, Dragon, Dragon, Ninja Kid
22Mutron, Mutron, Star, Star, Star
23Star, Star, Dragon, Star, Dragon
24Robot, Star, Star, Dragon, Robot
25Ninja Kid, Robot, Robot, Star, Star
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